Montessori Books for Parents

Whether you’re new to Montessori or a veteran, these Montessori Books for Parents will be ones you want to own. Each of these books touched me in a profound way as a parent and as an educator. Montessori Books for Parents Understanding the Human Being: Importance of the First Three Years of Life Montessori Madness! […]

Dancing Milk Science Experiment

physical science experiment with milk

This science activity is great for kindergarten and elementary aged kids. One of my absolute favorite parts of my Montessori training was physical science. We learned many creative ways to hook a child, to intrigue him, and ignite his desire to want to learn more about a particular subject. The Dancing Milk science experiment is one […]

Integrate Montessori in the Home

Montessori at Home

One of the biggest questions from readers is “How do I integrate Montessori in my home?” This is a great question. The good news is that you can integrate the Montessori philosophy into your home in easy and inexpensive ways. This post includes Ways to Integrate Montessori into Your Home. 12 Ways to Integrate Montessori […]

Tips for Parent Conferences

Observe Quote

Recently I was part of a wonderful thread on a Montessori Teachers Facebook page. The thread was started by a member wanting advice on preparing for his first conferences with parents. The thread was filled with rich advice. So, I had to share some of the goodness with you. This post includes Tips for Parent Conferences. […]