How to Make a Movable Pulley

Make a Pulley Feature

This post includes a guide to how to make a movable pulley and project based learning book recommendations. My sons enjoy building with blocks, with track, with Legos, with beans, with marshmallows, with straws, with rocks, with sticks…you name it, they like to build with it. So, when I came across the book Explore Simple [...]

Montessori Math Stamp Game

Stamp Game Dynamic Addition

The Montessori Math Stamp Game lesson comes at the end of Place Value and Decimal System work. The goal is to reinforce the four operations introduced with the Golden Beads but in a more abstract way. I really like Montessori Math’s Stamp Game. Children do, too. The work is familiar to them, but different enough [...]

Montessori Math Addition Snake Game

Addition Snake Game

This post includes a Montessori Math lesson for the Addition Snake Game. This Addition Snake lesson is found within Math Facts or Memorization of Montessori Math.  Typically children towards the end of their Montessori Early Childhood career will be given this lesson. Amazon offers a few reasonably priced Addition Snake Game products. Montessori Math Addition Snake [...]

Montessori Language Short Vowel Lesson


So, here you are…at a Montessori Language Short Vowel lesson. Recently you gave your child a short vowel word building lesson using the moveable alphabet and sandpaper letters. The child is ready for more. So, we move onto building words with objects and thee moveable alphabet, and we say goodbye to the sandpaper letters because [...]

Montessori Math Number Rod Addition

Addition with Number Rods

This post include a lesson on Montessori Math Number Rod Addition. Montessori Small Number Rods are a favorite of preschoolers because the material is familiar and they get to do something different with it. This lesson comes at the end of a child’s Early Childhood Montessori life. The Montessori Math Lesson with the Number Rods is within [...]

Montessori Math Ten Boards


This post include a Montessori Math Lesson for the Ten Boards. The Ten Boards are found within Linear Counting and come after the Montessori Teens Board lesson in the Montessori Math sequence. You can purchase a reasonably priced set of Montessori Teen & Ten Boards Set on Amazon. Montessori Math Lesson Ten BoardsClick To TweetPowered By [...]

Montessori Math Golden Bead Static Addition


Invite the children to learn addition with the golden beads. Golden Bead Static AdditionClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Montessori Math Golden Bead Static Addition Each child needs a tray. Ask one child to get the numerals “1341” from the small numeral cards. Ask him to read the cards and slide them together. Ask him to [...]

Montessori Language Initial Sounds Lesson

obj spl pres 2

This Montessori Language Initial Sounds Lesson is one of the first lessons in the Pink Level.The goal of the lesson is to recognize initial sounds. In addition, moving left to right in preparation for reading and writing. A child aged 3 to 4, one that has mastered the 1st & 2nd period lessons of the sandpaper [...]