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Your Ultimate Guide to Montessori Geography

Are you wondering how to teach Montessori geography? Teaching kids about the world is not easy but absolutely necessary.

Montessori geography lessons, activities, and materials are a beautiful and unique part of early childhood and elementary classrooms. 

There are two main parts of Montessori geography learning:

  1. Physical Geography
  2. Political (or Cultural) Geography

We begin with the big picture (e.g. the universe) and eventually get to the details of a community, home, family, and ourselves. A major aim of the Montessori works is to introduce children to the fact that we are a small part of this giant universe and within that universe, we must co-exist with many other things in life.

Montessori Geography for Preschoolers - Lessons, Materials, Activities, and Resources

Montessori Geography Scope & Sequence

I adapted this Montessori geography sequence of lessons from coursework, lectures, and Montessori “textbooks” used throughout my training. You will find many of the Montessori geography lessons the same but the sequence will differ.

Physical Geography Works

  1. Introduction to the Universe 
  2. Planets of the Solar System
  3. Constellations
  4. Layers of the Sun
  5. Layers of the Earth
  6. Land, Air, & Water
  7. Land & Water Globe
  8. Land & Water Forms
  9. Biomes & Habitats
  10. Continent Globe
  11. Globe to Map (“The Earth is a Sphere” lesson)
  12. Puzzle Maps
  13. Making Maps with Puzzle Maps
  14. Cardinal Direction / Compass Rose
  15. Introducing Scales & Measurement

Montessori Geography for Preschoolers - Lessons, Materials, Activities, and Resources

Cultural Geography Works

  1. State – Where We Live State Study (and Map Making)
  2. City/Community – Where We Live City Study (and Map Making)
  3. Home – Where We Live Study (and Map Making)
  4. Anti-Bias Work (e.g. What is a Family?, Peace Flag Activities)
  5. Flags of the World (Make Your Own Map Activity)
  6. Parts of the Flag
  7. Continent Boxes

Cultural Geography Activities

Montessori Geography Activities

  1. 2 Unique Hands-On Montessori Geography Activities with Kids
  2. Montessori Geography Rock Activity for Kids
  3. 8 Awesome Preschool Geography Activities & Crafts
  4. 10 Montessori Geography Extensions Work
  5. Montessori Geography Continent Map Activity
  6. Montessori Land & Water Form Cards to Teach Geography to Preschoolers
  7. Teach Your Kids Geography with this Simple Yet Powerful Land Air Water Activity
  8. Easy Montessori Geography Activity for Preschoolers: Land Forms
  9. Montessori Geography – How to Teach Cardinal Direction
  10. How to Teach Montessori Geography

Montessori Geography Resources 

Montessori geography materials are beautiful and worth every penny. There are loads of Montessori geography extensions across a wide age range.

I hope you found this list of Montessori geography resources helpful! Be sure to join our private Facebook group for the latest in Montessori Living & Learning!


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