The Blue Road

On most days, I like to have a few activities laid out for my 27 month old to greet him in the morning. One morning last week, I had quite honestly three minutes to prepare something for him. So I grabbed the blue painters tape I eyed on the counter and built a road. By the time I was done creating this magnificent road around our living area, my little guy was as expected standing by me asking, ‘what’s that mama?’ and then answering for himself, ‘it’s a road!’ I added short dotted lines to mark the center of the road and off he went playing and imagining a world where giraffes, dinosaurs, cars and trains marched on the same path. Very entertaining. We even added tunnels with his stools and a garage with an old wipes bin.

You don’t need fancy toys to provide your child with great fun and an exercise that aids in development of language and fine motor skills. So, don’t fret about creating something time consuming and “out of this world” for your child’s activity. Step back, look around your home and watch the beauty of a toddler and a few household items.  With imagination running wild you will delight in the experience.

What we used:

  • Blue painters tape
  • Black permanent markers
  • Trains
  • Matchbox cars
  • Legos
  • A stool
  • Small figurines of dinos and animals

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