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What’s New On Our Montessori Shelves this October


We are excited about the materials hitting our Montessori shelves this October! As always, we are constantly updating our classroom with new and innovative ways to help facilitate your child’s learning. Here are some of the newest materials you’ll find in our room this month. Happy exploring!

Check out what's new on our Montessori shelves this October

Montessori October Shelves

Pumpkin Scrubbing

Get a “washing tub” and place a small pumpkin or gourds in with a bit of water. Have the children scrub off the dirt. Pumpkins are a wonderful learning tool this time of year.

Pulp Exploration

Explore the seeds and the “flesh” of the pumpkin with magnifying glasses and place these items in a plastic bag for sensory fun. If you are really bold, cut open the top of the pumpkin and allow children to explore the innards.

Pumpkin Sewing

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin


Pumpkin Pounding

Pounding golf tees into pumpkins is a sure winner in your home and classroom.

Spruce Cone Transfer

I collected  Spruce cones from my backyard. These cones are great for Practical Life because they are very small. Grab two bowls – one for the pinecones and leave one empty – and a part of tongs to transfer.


Acorn Counters

A twist on the traditional Montessori Card Counter work. Grab a set of numerals and a bowl of acorns (real or fake will do, although nothing beats the real thing).


Nut & Bolts Tray

This work you’ll see fairly often in Montessori classrooms. So simple. Really easy and inexpensive to put together. Plus I love the simple colors and the fact that the children get to work with real materials.

Taking Care of Your Body Cards

The overarching theme of the year is the human body. I found these human body unit three-part cards from Montessori Printshop on taking care of your body. The images are real and of great quality.

Use these cards in a circle to introduce, remind and emphasize the basic things we need to do to take care of our bodies. The images are of children doing these things so the class enjoyed studying them. We’ll put them on the shelf in the next week.MindWare Pattern Play Blocks


Sensory Gloves

We have a few children that are very “hands-on” and love sensory tubs and texture generally. I pulled these gloves from my cabinet. I made them a year ago but they are still in great shape.

These hands are great for Halloween too! I put beans, corn starch, sugar, and lentils in the gloves for varying textures.

Books We’re Reading this October 

Songs We’re Singing this October

Orca whale (move one arm in a leaping motion)
Orca whale (move the other arm in a leaping motion)
Little sea scallops (both hands open and shut like shells)
And an orca whale (leaping motion)

Orca whale
Orca whale
Little sea scallops
And an orca whale.
Sea otters (sung while pounding fists on your chest in motor boat fashion)
Sea otters.
Little sea scallops
And an orca whale.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.