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Sweet & Educational Children’s Books about Bears


I created this list of children’s books about bears because we’ve had a few bears on our property recently. While being safe and knowledgeable is critical with wildlife, I also want my sons to be excited about these creatures.

This picture of a cub and her mama is from our trail camera.

“Always respect Mother Nature. Especially when she weighs 400 pounds and is guarding her baby.”

James Rollins

So, where do we begin? With books, of course. From this list of books about bears for preschoolers, we will continue our journey of learning about bears. I look forward to sharing our activities with you!

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The Best Bear Children’s Books

Three Bears in a Boat is a book I was really excited to check out. It is hot off the presses with a recent release. The author is well known for his work in co-authoring the Ladybug Girl series. The illustrations are lovely and the story is equally as wonderful! (Ages 3-5)

A Cub Explores is a sweet book. The illustrations are done with colored pencils and look real! Children will love this book because they can relate to the cub’s adventures. There is imagination, exploration, and discovery! A sure win to get children intrigued by the outdoors and bears. (Ages 4+)

Saving Yasha: The Incredible True Story of an Adopted Moon Bear is a true story, sweet and endearing, that will interest children in a variety of ways. I appreciate the exposure to the endangered species. Plus children will learn about another country! My favorite part of the book is the photography! (Ages 4-8)

The Bear That Heard Crying is a favorite! The story, about a small child taken in by a mama bear, is based on a real-life experience from the 1800s and has lasted generations. This book will no doubt get your children asking questions. The illustrations are inviting and the story is remarkably touching. (Ages 3-5)
Black Bear Cub is a beautifully illustrated story about a cub emerging at the start of spring to encounter many of nature’s wonders. The story is simple but one that children love. (Ages 3-6)

Baby Bear is a lovely book. Baby Bear is lost in the woods. He gathers words of wisdom from animals he meets along his way. Besides the artwork, this picture book carries with it life lessons that introduce children to ideas about staying trusting and having confidence in themselves.

This book is one to which even adults can relate, about finding their way back home. Highly recommend. (Ages 4-8)

Black Bear: North America’s Bear is a non-fictional educational book. The photographs are real and genuine. The author’s approach is unique. He teams up with wildlife biologists to study active bear. You and your child will learn a great deal about the specie, and will want to learn more. (Ages 4-6)

Of course, I have to include Finding Winnie. This tale is based on the true story of Christopher Robin & Winnie the Pooh. A sweet story that kids will love. The illustrations are engaging to kids.

For more bear learning, check out:

I hope you enjoyed this list of Children’s Books about Bears!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.