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Cinco de Mayo Preschool Mini Unit


Here are a few simple Mexico/Cinco de Mayo themed ideas to do with your preschoolers! Have fun!

Cinco De Mayo Preschool Activities

Preschool Art Activities

These FREE Printable Coloring Pages are great because not only are they free but they are fun to color AND help kids learn about the symbols associated with Mexico and the Cinco de Mayo holiday.

At (almost) 3 years old my goal is to familiarize him with the culture. These images are fun because you can talk about simple Spanish words and introduce basic history behind the holiday. Not to mention introduce culture with talking about food and music. Fun, right?

We also took the time to decorate a black and white print out of the country of Mexico. In our case we simply used Mexico themed stickers and your basic washable markers.

Make a Mexican Map with Preschoolers

Preschool Math Activities

  • Currency – Lucky for me I had a few left over pesos from past travels so we were able to easily investigate Mexico’s currency. The bill is actually quite interesting. I didn’t know a lot about the symbols so took a chance to educate myself before exploring with my son. The bills are also printed in different colors so that was fun.
  • Numbers – We also worked on the number 5 by using mini sombreros to count beans out in units of 5 up to 30 in our case.
Simple Preschool Activity Bean Counting 1

Practical Life Activities

We worked on fine motor skills by using a cork board and jumbo push pins to “trace” the number “5” and the letter “M”. I also offered the outline of the country of Mexico but he didn’t take me up on that one.

Montessori Practical Life with Push Pin

Have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Now go find some indulgent Mexican food!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.