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Boost Your Preschooler’s Learning with These Montessori Summer Activities


You’ve read these words before – the Montessori classroom extends far outside four walls! So, are you ready for a Montessori summer? I am for sure but not without a solid learning plan at my fingertips.

Like any good Montessorian, I create a well-planned environment to give the child the liberty to lead his own learning. As you know, I am a huge proponent of self-directed learning and that is how we’re structuring our summer.

These Montessori summer learning activities and resources can be easily integrated into a variety of summer programs and are great for parents at home & Montessori schools!

Amazing Montessori Summer Learning Resources

Montessori Summer Learning Activities

A big part of that plan is with Montessori materials & printables. You see, with the right resources, there is no stress. Don’t worry, I have tons of Montessori resources to make your summer learning easy and loads of fun!

Cloud Activity for Preschoolers

I imagined my sons and me laying on the cool grass in our backyard looking up to the sky and studying the clouds. We enjoy identifying shapes and designs but also like to integrate a little science with naming the types of clouds. Chickie & Roo’s cloud printable cards are THE perfect item to put into my back pocket. I’ve already printed the cards on cardstock and laminated them for safekeeping!

Cloud Activities for Preschoolers

Pond Dipping Activity

One of our favorite activities to do during the warmer months is to explore the ecosystem of ponds. So, we get to study life cycles with Mama’s Happy Hive’s printables.

Then,  we can also study the layers of a pond and pond animals with help from Chickie & Roo & Fiddlesticks Kids, respectively. So, we’re taking our exploration to the next level this summer.

Life Cycle Printables

Frog Life Cycle

Fruit & Vegetable Exploration Activity

We’re also going to be using I Believe In Montessori’s Fruits, Vegetables, Berries Activities Pack to dissect and explore the inside & outside of fruit, understand the types of berries, and identify types of vegetables. What better time to do this activity than during the amazing sunny summer months?

Inside Outside Fruit

More Summer Activities for Preschoolers

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.