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DIY Montessori Materials – Sound Bottles


Sound Cylinders are a piece of the Montessori Sensorial curriculum specifically within the Auditory sense.

How to Make Sounds Boxes

DIY Montessori Materials – Sound Bottles

The products made by amazing Montessori companies like Nienhuis and Bruins are beautifully made and I drool whenever I am in the company of any of their products. However, there are some Montessori materials that are easy to do yourself. Sound cylinders are one example.


  • Small Cardboard boxes – I used jewelry boxes. Joann Fabrics has a number of options. Small paper mache cylinder-shaped boxes would be perfect.
  • Glue & Glue Gun (or tape if you are brave)
  • Objects to place inside your boxes
  • Small stickers or a marker to mark the box indicating pairs
  • A tray or basket for presenting the activity
diy sound cylinders


  1. I started with 6 sound boxes, 3 pairs. Ideally, for children ready for it, you have twelve sound boxes total with 6 pairs.
  2. Separate out pairs and place a star or some mark indicating the boxes are pairs.
  3. Fill pairs with identical amounts of objects. In our case, I used salt, beans, and pasta. Close boxes and glue boxes shut
  4. Allow time to dry
  5. Present in a basket or tray
diy sound bottles


  1. The first time you’re introducing the sound boxes to your child, simply take the time to listen to the sounds. Use only one box of the pair, and place the others aside (I wouldn’t even bring them out to my child). Shake the box to your ear, then ask your child: “Would you like to hear the sounds?”
  2. The next presentation would be to use TWO pairs: the loudest and the smallest.
  3. The next presentation would be to use additional pairs to match the sounds.
  4. The final presentation is to grade the sounds. Find the loudest sound first then the softest. Move back and forth from loudest to softest until you have a row from loudest to softest (left to right). Then ask your child if he would like to arrange the cylinders from loudest to softest.


Thank you for choosing to read this post today. I hope that we inspired you. Warmly,

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.