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10 Creative & Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Boys


Every April, parents around the country scramble to arrange the perfect Easter baskets for kids of all ages. Furthermore, I’ve noticed {and I am guilty of this observation} that few parents take the time to concoct gift baskets geared towards the interests of boys.

You see, I have three boys and I recognize their different needs. As a result, I went on my own hunt to find Easter basket ideas for boys beyond cliched assortments of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and Cadbury eggs.

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

A Survival Kit

If you’re looking for Easter basket ideas for kids that deliver, an outdoor gear kit will always delight boys. For this reason, I suggest a camping kit that includes a flashlight, a pup tent, and a fishing rod that can cost under $50. Try to find a kit that comes in a hard carrying case for ease of transportation.

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A Musical Instrument

Easily one of the best Easter basket ideas for toddlers is a simple instrument. For example, a recorder or homemade thumb piano will keep tykes of all sizes amused for hours. Similarly, boys love & appreciate a pair of rhythm sticks.

An Egg Carton Game

Using leftover egg cartons to execute various Easter craft ideas is a tradition in creative households. Creating simple board games using egg cartons is one of the most popular Easter basket ideas for teens. For instance, one could easily create a mancala set using nothing more than an egg carton and a few beads.

Little Boy on an Easter Egg Hunt

A Seed Starter Gardening Kit

Easter is a sign that spring and the gardening that comes with it are right around the corner. Eggshell cartons can be used to create seed starter kits that help young boys to germinate plants. All you need is an egg carton, some soil and a few seeds to get started.

A Rubik’s Cube Kit

While it seems like a 1980s throwback, the Rubik’s Cube is a timeless game that provides hours of stimulation. With that said, one of the best bang-for-your-buck Easter basket ideas for teens is a build-it-yourself Rubik’s Cube that has to be assembled. Teens will develop basic DIY skills and problem-solving abilities with this affordable gift.

A Collection of Card Games

Great Easter basket ideas for boys don’t have to be complicated to score high marks from their recipients. Classic card games like Uno and SkipBo are cheap and don’t go out of style over the years. Plus, these games don’t cost a lot of money.

Creative Easter Ideas for Boys

A Model Airplane Kit

Since the invention of the airplane, boys have been fascinated with model airplanes of all shapes and sizes. For instance, kits replicating a vintage WWII fighter or an F-16 are a good place to start. Similarly, for young engineers, check out glider or remote-controlled plane kits.

A Portable Badminton Set

Easter basket ideas for kids that keep the tots active are never a bad thing. A portable badminton set that includes a net, a collection of rackets and a few shuttlecocks doesn’t have to cost a lot. Carry this badminton set with you while traveling or hanging out around town.

Swimming Goggles

Look beyond the holiday weekend for ideas for baskets! For example, swimming goggles. They are a great option since they deliver a ton of utility during the summer when the temperatures rise. Furthermore, swimming goggles are pretty affordable and allow active boys to enjoy both pools and rural swimming holes.

A Sturdy Sports Watch

Arguably the best Easter basket ideas for boys come down to items that deliver benefits for years to come. For example, a solid sports watch helps young boys to keep time, find direction and gauge altitude when a smartphone isn’t convenient. You’ll be happy to know that good sports watches from reputable manufacturers can be had for as little as $20.

Great Easter Basket Ideas Are Everywhere!

Obviously, there’s no shortage of Easter basket ideas for toddlers and teens alike if you’re a parent of boys. These ideas are affordable and keep on giving! Rest assured, any of these suggestions will keep your boys happy and occupied throughout the year.

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