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Super Fun & Easy Solar Eclipse Activities for Kids


“So, like, the last time this happened you were a baby??? That was, like, a million years ago!!” All three of my sons burst into a fit of laughter. I am okay with being the brunt of their happiness and rock star STEAM learning & experiences, especially when it comes to solar eclipse activities!

Total Eclipse

We’re headed to the see the eclipse in TOTALITY (yes, that is 100% complete darkness) in Casper, Wyoming. As I gear up for the road and camping trip, I researched loads of amazing eclipse activities for kids!

Of course, I had to share these activities with you.

WEF Inforgraphics KH

{Source: Wyoming Eclipse Festival 2017}

Easy & Fun Solar Eclipse Activities for Kids

I gathered solar eclipse activities for elementary and preschool-aged kids.

Grab a Book of Already Prepared Eclipse Activities for Kids

Solar Eclipse Book for Kids

The Ultimate Total Eclipse Activity Book is the ultimate road trip and camping tool. My boys devoured these books and we haven’t even left the house, yet. Perfect for those of us running short on time.

Create a Solar Eclipse

Create a Solar Eclipse with a golf ball and a slightly larger plastic ball. Doesn’t get much easier than that learning activity!   

Make a DIY Solar Eclipse Viewer

We’ve seen a million eclipse viewers out there but this one from The Mama Workshop takes the cake. I love how the creator decorated her viewer and really made it her own. Plus, she made it out of a recycled pampers box. What is not to love?

Moon Observation Journal


{Source: Buggy & Buddy}

This truly hands-on recommendation comes with a FREE Moon Journal printable so get on it! Plus Buggy and Buddy knows what she is talking about and offers loads of high quality, creative astronomy learning activities for kids.

Total Eclipse T-Shirt

Total Eclipse Shirt

I already snagged one of these perfect for the Total Eclipse occasion t-shirts.

Learn Cartography

usa eclipse map v print

As usual, NASA delivers amazing math & science with this resource. This NASA link outlines the center, the umbras, and the center line of the 2017 eclipse. Plus, the NASA page has images and information on past eclipses.

Other Total Eclipse Resources

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.