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Why is Montessori Education So Expensive?


You want to give your child a Montessori education but the cost is holding you back? You’re not alone, my friend. Montessori is expensive. There is no question about it.

I know, nothing we didn’t already know, right?  Still, it is a difficult thing to accept.

How are we supposed to live and breath Montessori when it is going to break the bank?

I have great news for you. There is a way to live and breath Montessori without going broke.

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One of my main goals is to promote Montessori as a lifestyle. I get a lot of push back from readers because they want to send their child to a Montessori school but can’t afford it, or they want to bring Montessori materials into their home but can’t afford it. I get it. There is good news.

Why is Montessori so Expensive?

There is no question that sending your child to a Montessori school is expensive, but why? There are two main factors involved in the expense of Montessori: teacher training and quality of materials. Montessori teachers require extensive training.

If a school wants Montessori accreditation, having teachers, both leads and assistants, who have Montessori credentials is critical. Montessori teaching involves a specific approach not found in traditional teacher training programs.


“An ordinary teacher cannot be transformed into a Montessori teacher, but must be created anew, having rid herself of pedagogical prejudices. The first step is self-preparation of the imagination, for the Montessori teacher has to visualise a child who is not yet there, materially speaking, and must have faith in the child who will reveal himself through work.”  ~ Dr. Montessori

Dr. Montessori emphasized beauty and high quality of materials. The cost of materials for the classroom as well as specific furniture for the classroom contributes greatly to the cost of Montessori. Materials are not manufactured in a factory (or shouldn’t be) and are made with enormous quality of care.

Materials avoid plastic, thereby often defaulting to wood.  The precision of the materials is also emphasized as you can see with materials such as the pink tower and the brown stair with their base of ten quality.

It is Possible to Embrace a Montessori Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank

One of the beautiful aspects to Montessori is that much of the foundation or the philosophy is a mindset that adults must embrace. Without this mindset, there really is little point to bringing Montessori into the home with materials, or sending your child to a Montessori school.

So, how does one achieve a Montessori mindset? Quite simply: educate yourself. There are loads of resources for adults. Check out my Montessori Books for Parents and be sure to read Dr. Montessori’s original writings. Then you will understand Montessori as a way of life and stop thinking of Montessori strictly as a use of beautiful, expensive materials.

Once the education begins, you can start exploring Montessori lessons and Montessori materials. First, let me mention that there are many ways to create your own Montessori materials inexpensively. Practical life materials can be found in your own kitchen! Study the lessons and choose materials for your tray from that point.

Do you feel a bit better now? Montessori is still expensive. Sorry, I can’t change that fact. I can help you live a Montessori lifestyle without breaking the bank. Any questions?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.