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Where to Find Awesome, Cheap Mini Replicas & Figurines


You know what I am talking about, right? The adorable mini replicas of animals and objects that are difficult to resist in any early childhood classroom. Personally, I am obsessed with anything 1/3 its size so a miniature figurine had me at hello. {There are affiliate links in this post.}

One of the biggest questions I receive from readers is where to find these wonderful miniature replicas and when to use them. So I will start by guiding you where to buy these adorable figurines, then I’ll follow up with a post on how to use mini replicas in your child’s learning.

safari mini replicas

Where to Find Mini Replicas

  1. Amazon is a phenomenal place to purchase animal figurines. Safari offers every type of figurine you could possibly imagine from native Americans to rainforest to babies to musical instruments to human organs. Yes, you read correctly: human organs.
  2. Montessori Services is my go-to retailer for early childhood language object boxes.
  3. Craft stores are another fabulous option for finding reasonably priced miniature figures. You can purchase a variety of figurines ranging from miniature everyday items (e.g. a mini vacuum), outdoor items (e.g. wheelbarrow), and animal figurines. These stores often have great deals on Safari Toobs.

language objects

My Favorite Places to Buy Mini Replicas

Safari’s products are fantastic because you can easily customize to your child’s interests and your classroom’s current theme of study, like the Arctic, for example.  Plus Safari offers its own Safari wiki with LOADS of information behind each figurine.

I adore Montessori Services because they essentially do all the work for you putting together object boxes and so on for every level of language learning. Montessori Services offers you the convenience of ordering package deals.

You can also buy individual items such as labels, one-off miniatures, and, my saving grace years ago, the language starter set.

Stay tuned for ideas on how to use mini replicas! In the meantime, start with these Montessori language lessons.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.