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Not So Boring Grammar Activities for Even the Most Energetic 7-Year-OIds


As we continue our third year of homeschooling our 7-year-old, I am having a lot of fun creating exercises for him. So, I had to share these Montessori-inspired grammar activities for lower elementary-aged kids.

Although I used my Montessori training and albums to create these language activities, they may not necessarily involve a specific lesson included in the Montessori language sequence. Consider these activities an excellent supplement as a way to practice and hone these language concepts. 

Grammar Activities for Kids

Grammar Activities for Kids

Action Verb Grammar Activity

This activity is easy to introduce to the child. However, introducing linking verbs does present the child with a more abstract concept. The more concrete we can attempt to make the “abstract” concept, the more likely the child will understand. 

Say, we have learned that a verb tells us to do something but it also shows us that something “is” something. “Action” verbs show action. The other type of verb is called a “linking” verb. You can think of a linking verb as an equation. When you read “Clara is a strong climber,” that tells us that Clara = a strong climber. 

Resources for this activity:

Parts of Speech Activity

Super simple grammar activity introducing the parts of speech to kids. We have not studied parts of speech beyond the five included in this activity but you can see how you can expand it to include all 9 parts of speech.

This activity uses traditional Montessori grammar symbols. This is a multi-sensory approach to learning we often see embraced in the Montessori approach. 

Parts of Speech Activity for Kids

Begin by reviewing the parts of speech with the child. Demonstrate with a dry-erase board and a sentence of your choosing.  I used our Montessori grammar symbol box when reviewing and introducing this activity. 

The child may choose to draw the symbol above the word within the sentence, underline it with the appropriate color, or cut out and glue the symbol. 

Resources for this activity:

What’s Wrong with These Sentences?

For this activity, the child must read a sentence and identify the errors within the sentence. The child then corrects the error. 

Resources for this activity:

What’s Wrong with These Sentences? document

Replace with a Pronoun Activity

This activity will require a bit of guidance. As the child reads the sentence, in many instances, the sentence sounds correct. So encourage the child to find a way to replace the nouns with a pronoun. Remind the child that a pronoun is a faster way of writing or reading a noun. Instead of saying, “Mrs. Richardson” you would say “she”. 

Resources for this activity:

Replace with a Pronoun Activity document

Fill in the Pronouns

I created this document based on our life so feel free to change up the images and sentences to make it more relevant to your family and child!

Resources for this activity:

Fill in with the appropriate pronouns document

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