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Montessori Language Sequence of Lessons

Do you feel lost when it comes to teaching Montessori language arts?

Well, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Many teachers and homeschoolers feel overwhelmed when it comes to teaching language, grammar, and comprehension.

But luckily, the Montessori method offers a sequence of lessons, a tried and true approach, that can help make teaching language arts a bit easier to digest. In this post, we’ll take a look at the Montessori language sequence of lessons.

This Montessori Language Sequence of Lessons is the one I learned in training. I hope you find it useful. Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Montessori Language Sequence of Lessons

Montessori Language Sequence of Lessons

Montessori Language Sequence of Lessons - Object Basket

Pre-Reading & Writing

There are many Montessori lessons that begin language work well before a child grasps reading and writing. Remember, there is a range of development.

Create the environment to allow the child to discover reading and writing on his own time and you will have a lifelong lover of language.


Montessori Language Pink Level

The pink level is the first concrete step into reading and writing. The materials are beautiful and multi-sensory.

For example, while the child is sounding out a letter (which is a symbol for the sound, while the alphabet organizes letters for us), he is also tracing the sandpaper letter.


Montessori Language Blue Level

The blue level begins to move the child from concrete to abstract with more advanced letter-sound combinations and vocabulary.

  • Digraph Sandpaper Letters
  • Consonant Digraph Word Building: Movable Alphabet & Sandpaper Letters
  • Movable Alphabet: Consonant Digraphs and Objects (or Pictures)
  • Consonant Digraph Word Labels and Objects (or Pictures)
  • Mixed Consonant Digraph Object Box
  • Mixed Consonant Digraph Picture Box
  • Consonant Digraph Command Cards
  • Consonant Digraph Command Cards: Word Phrases
  • Consonant Digraph Compound Words
  • Consonant Digraph Compound Word List
  • Consonant Digraph Sentence Strips

Montessori Language Green Level

The final and most advanced level in the Montessori early childhood language sequence. Grammar can begin to be introduced at this time, too.

  • Phonogram Word Lists
  • Silent (Mute) /e/
  • Movable Alphabet: Phonograms and Objects (or Pictures)
  • Phonograms: Word Labels and Objects
  • Phonograms: Word Labels and Pictures
  • Phonograms: Booklets and Objects
  • Mixed Phonogram Object Box
  • Green Level Sight Words
  • Sentence Strips
  • Classified Nomenclature Cards
  • Environment Pictures with Labels

Download the Language Lesson Sequence

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