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8 Simple Gratitude Projects for Kids & Families

Check out these gratitude projects for kids & families just in time for Thanksgiving! 

Gratitude Projects for Kids

8 Gratitude Projects for Kids & Families

Thanksgiving is such a lovely time of year. You often see extended family members that usually aren’t there. It’s a time when you eat a generous, absolutely delicious meal, from start to finish and have a complete day dedicated to family moments. Most of us realize that deep down, we have so much to be thankful for!

A great thing to do with your kids and as a family is to add a gratitude project to your Thanksgiving traditions. We think you’re going to love our projects too because they are all simple and budget-friendly. So it is super easy to get started, and every family member can participate! 

Invite Your Sibling to Do Something with You

Sibling squabbles are perfectly normal. Probably you argue about sharing toys, or who gets to sit in the front seat or gets the last juice box. But try to spend an afternoon or a day, really putting yourself in your sibling’s shoes, so you get along better. 

Show Gratitude Towards Animals

This is a great project especially if your children are big animal lovers. Why not do something to help the pets who are waiting to be adopted? You can go pet the cats or walk the dogs, or just spend time playing with the animals?

Or, if you are great at couponing, try to pick out pet food coupons, and donate pet food to the animal shelter – as most are in need of extra pet kibble. Some even need practical things such as towels or cleaning supplies. 

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Help a Neighbor

Most of us get to know our neighbors well. You probably know at least one neighborhood family who could use some cheering up or a little help with something.

Maybe there is a widowed neighbor who needs help with simple chores such as yard work. Or there is a new family that has moved in, and inviting the family over for dinner and to play with your kids would bring them great joy to get to know people. 

Inviting Table for a Dinner Party

Invite Someone to Share Thanksgiving Dinner

Now, this is a very classic Thanksgiving tradition that lots of families try to do. If you know someone you think could be on their own, invite them to spend Thanksgiving with your family.

But do keep this in mind: some people you think would not be alone, could actually be on their own, and they just don’t speak up!

So do ask your friends and neighbors, the people you care about if they need a place to come for Thanksgiving. One year, a dear friend of ours from church with 4 grown children and 15 grandchildren wound up on her own for Thanksgiving and was very happy to spend it with our family. We only knew because we asked what her plans were and she answered us honestly. 

Check Out These Gratitude Projects

Donate food, so a hungry family will have a yummy Thanksgiving meal 

This is another popular Thanksgiving tradition and a great family gratitude project. It might surprise you to know that in America, 1 in 5 children goes to bed hungry. Yes, that includes Thanksgiving Day! Contact your local food pantry and ask them what type of foods they need the most.

You’ll want to donate foods that have high nutritional value, never donate “junk foods” because hungry people probably don’t have enough to eat, and need to be sure the foods they pick can sustain them, especially their children. 

Thank you note

Say Thank You to your Child’s Teacher

Most schools now have a Teacher Appreciation Day or Week, and this is simply wonderful. But by the time schools have reached Thanksgiving, your child’s teacher has had your child for about 8 to 10 weeks and is working hard to help them to be successful. So why not recognize that? 

No, you don’t have to buy an expensive gift. What about a package of pumpkin spice flavored coffee, a box of chocolates or some other nice treat, and a thoughtful thank you note? We can imagine any teacher would be so thrilled (and surprised!) to receive this from you! 

Do a Simple Random Act of Kindness

An act of kindness does not have to be fancy. Yes, the ones that get attention are things like going to the drive-thru window at your favorite fast food place for the next 10 cars of families, but actually, a random act of kindness can be something that’s very easy.

Why not hold the door open for someone? Or let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store? If the waitress who serves you at the diner is super nice, let her manager know. A random act of kindness is doing something kind – and yes, that is something that you and your family can do! 

Show Appreciation

Especially at Thanksgiving time, this is something you want to see family members doing. Ask every family member to say something good about every other family member, something they like about them. We all have unique personalities and talents, take time to appreciate each other and what you offer as a family. 

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Wishing you a Very Happy Thanksgiving!


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