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Montessori Language Initial Sounds Lesson

This Montessori Language Initial Sounds Lesson is one of the first lessons in the Pink Level. The goal of the lesson is to recognize initial sounds. In addition, moving left to right in preparation for reading and writing. A child aged 3 to 4, one that has mastered the 1st & 2nd-period lessons of the sandpaper letters, is ready for this lesson.

How to Teach Kids Sounds

Introduce Letters to Preschoolers Phonetically

As a reminder, the 1st-period lesson is “This is” and you point at the object and name the object (or letter). Furthermore, the 2nd-period lesson is “Show me” where you name the object but do not point, allow the child to point to (or hand you) the object.

Montessori Pink Series Materials

I also offer a Montessori Pink Series Materials Bundle!

You can purchase Montessori Lower Case Sandpaper Letters from Amazon {affiliate link} or from a number of traditional Montessori materials suppliers. I highly recommend the book Montessori: Letter Work as a resource for your children. You can purchase a wide range of object boxes from Montessori Services (we have these sets).

What is the order to teach letters in Montessori?

As you know, Montessori introduces letters via their phonetic sound. We wait to name the letter until the sound is master. Also, sounds/letters are not introduced in the order of the traditional alphabet. Think of the alphabet as a way of organizing shapes that represent sounds. Make sense? While there is a bit of variation in the order of letters, this is the order in which I learned in my training.

  1. s, m, a, t
  2. c, r, i, p
  3. b,f,o, g
  4. h,j,u,l
  5. d,w,e,n
  6. k,q,v,x,y,z

As I mentioned, there is variation. I cannot discount any one approach. Do your research to identify the best order to teach letter in your Montessori environment.

Montessori Language Initial Sounds Lesson

Invite the child to do the work with the initial sound objects in group #1: /s/, /m/, /t/, /a/ and sandpaper letters.

Presentation I


Place the container in the upper left of the rug. Go over 2 period lesson with each letter: “Point to S.”


Trace each letter.


Space apart and place at the top of the mat.


Select an object. Name the object” The first sound you hear when you say ‘turtle’ is /t/. Trace /t/. Place the ‘turtle’ below /t/.


Repeat with all objects sorting by initial sound. Return objects to container one object at a time from left to right. Return material to the shelf.

Presentation II

Sandpaper Letters with Objects

Introduce /a/ after 3-period lesson is mastered with the other 3 letters. Then continue with the rest of the grouping with the same approach.

Resources for the Lesson

I hope we inspired you today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.