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Language Activities for Montessori Kindergarten: Sentence Strips


Are you looking for fun ways to help your Kindergarteners practice building sentences? Sentence strips are a popular Montessori language activity that can provide valuable practice in constructing simple and complex sentences.

Not only do sentence strips challenge students’ grammar skills but they can also be used to bolster writing skills too! In this blog post, we’ll explore how teachers and parents can create sentence strips together with their students that are both engaging and educational!

My son is in Montessori Kindergarten. He has blown through all my Montessori language materials for pink, blue, and green levels. So, I decided to create new Language Activities for Kindergarten for him, which brought me to this kindergarten sentences activity. 

Kindergarten Sentences Language Activity

Kindergarten Sentences

These 24-sentence strips have a nature theme. I included an image to go with each sentence. The child can match the image to the sentence for the first basic work.

Montessori Language Kindergarten Sentences Activity

Language Activities for Kindergarten Sentences 

How to Make the Kindergarten Sentences Strips

Kindergarten Sentences Strip Work Ideas

  • Read the sentence and find the matching image with a partner
  • Write his own sentences from the image
  • Have the child write a short story from the images
  • Trace the sentences
  • Write sentences
  • Use objects to match the sentences
  • Have the child create his own sentence strips and images with a camera and the great outdoors
Kindergarten Sentences Language Activity

Useful Resources for this Kindergarten Sentences Activity

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