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Learn 4 Super Fun Word Games for Little Readers


My five and six year olds are obsessed with any word game. So, I’ve unearthed classic word games that my boys absolutely love. Seriously these games never get old.

Word Game Activities

Silly Sentences – Fun Word Games

Silly Sentences (aka ‘Mad Libs’) is the perfect game for working that parts of speech learning. One way we play this game is using the Montessori Farm Game labels. All the parts of speech are available and kids have a blast making pigs plow the field and helping a cow lay eggs. Here are a few of my favorite resources for this activity. I created a few silly sentence templates for my boys based on our life and experiences. Kids love when you can bring them into the activity!

Awesome “Silly Sentences” Ideas

Word Games Build a Man

Build a Man – On the Go Word Game

Build a Man (aka ‘Hangman‘) is the perfect game to pull out when you’re at a restaurant or on a card ride. I love that my five year old calls it the ‘Build a Man’ game. Much better than the alternative! He builds an adorable stick figure and no one does! I give my sons hints by letting them know a category or a rhyming word.

Word Games Tongue Twister

Tongue Twisters – Laugh Out Loud Word Game

Tongue Twisters is a classic game. My boys crack up coming up with phrases that literally twist their tongues! They work those unique sounds, have fun essentially creating a poem, and challenge themselves to come up with new ideas. My sons enjoy this activity while we’re jumping on the trampoline for some reason. Combining learning and movement is always a success in my home.

Word Game Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme Variation – Brainy Word Game

Take a classic nursery rhyme, song, or poem and make up your own verse. Ring Around the Roses and Roses are Red are great examples. This activity combines so much language learning. Kids learn while having a blast making up rhymes and discovering parts of speech.

Have fun!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.