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Art for Kids – 7 Unique Printing Art Activities

Printing is a fantastic process art activity for kids. Not only are the results beautiful and unique to the child, the variations seem endless. Here are a few Printing Art ideas for Kids.

Printing Art

Printing Art Ideas for Kids

Bubble Wrap Prints

If you’re anything like my family we have many boxes shipped to our home on a weekly basis. With those boxes comes loads of fun and learning. The boxes are an obvious material children absolutely love but the materials inside the box are equally as intriguing. Bubble wrap is a terrific example. Here is what you need: the bubble wrap (duh), paint, paint brushes (if you choose), small/medium sized pieces of card stock. Tape bubble wrap onto a table (covered with plastic or paper to protect the surface) or tray, paint the bubble wrap, grab a piece of card stock, press the card stock onto the bubble wrap, lift the card stock off the bubble wrap, and allow time to dry.

Styrofoam Carving

Another great shipping material example is styrofoam. Truthfully, I really dislike styrofoam for all the obvious environmental reasons. I figure if I can “recycle’ this material into an art project then my conscious can rest a bit more peacefully. Here is what you need: styrofoam (duh), a pencil (or blunt carving tool), paint, and paper. Take your carving tool and create a beautiful design on the styrofoam. Paint the styrofoam and press the paper onto the styrofoam. Remove the paper and allow time to dry.

Dancing Milk Prints

I know you have heard of the Dancing Milk experiment. The science activity is super cool. I highly recommend it. Once you’ve completed your science learning, don’t be too quick to put the materials away. Pull out some paper and make a few prints. The results are beautiful. Babble Dabble Do gives a great demonstration of this Marbled Milk printing activity.

Q-Tip Black & White Prints

One of my all time favorite results involves a muffin tin, black paint, a paint brush, a q-tip, and a piece of paper. Turn your muffin tin over, paint the bottoms of the tin with black paint, use a q-tip to create designs on the bottom of the tin, press the paper to make your print, and allow time to dry.

Blowing Bubbles

Okay, I know I said that last printing activity was my favorite but another all time favorite involves blowing bubbles. Seriously? What child would not enjoy that activity? Take a pan, fill with a bit of water, add drops of dish soap, add a few drops of liquid water color, grab a straw, blow into the water, grab a piece of card stock, place the piece of card stock gently on top of the bubbles, lift off, and allow time to dry.

Texture Glue Resist

Give a child the opportunity to create a design with glue on a piece of card stock. The hard part is allowing time for the glue to dry. Take out your paint, paint the dry, hard glue design, and press a piece of paper onto the painted design. Allow time to dry.

Scientific Sun Prints

This last one feels like cheating but it is extremely cool, involves science, and children love it. We ordered sun printing paper online. The timing is a bit tricky so pay attention to the directions. Sun paper, nature item, a few minutes, and voila, you have a beautiful print. This activity is like magic!

Let me know your favorite printing art activities!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.