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Discover Inspiring Kids Songs about Peace that will Warm Your Heart


Every day during the morning meeting, we have a moment of silence. It’s a time to reflect on the day and focus on peace. We sit in a circle, holding hands and closing our eyes. Yes, teaching about peace can be as simple as this approach, especially with kids. 

Sometimes we say a meditation out loud. Other times we just breathe deeply and center ourselves. This routine has been a part of my life as a student and teacher for years.

Young kids giving the peace sign

Many kids’ songs about peace can help teach children the importance of being kind and respectful to others. One popular song is “Don’t Laugh at Me” by Mark Wills, which promotes acceptance and understanding.

Another tune, “Let There Be Peace on Earth” by Jill Jackson Miller, encourages kids to think about ways they can make the world a more peaceful place.

These kids’ songs about peace not only provide valuable lessons, but they’re also fun to sing along to. So, next time you want something to sing with your little ones, consider one of these tunes about promoting peace.

a child meditating sitting cross legged

But it wasn’t until recently that I realized the importance of teaching kids about peace. Adults often don’t realize that peace is something that kids often think about. As the world around them can be full of so much negativity, kids look towards peace as a way to make everything better.

There are many kids’ songs about peace that help to spread this vital message. “Let There Be Peace on Earth” is a popular song often sung in schools and community events. It talks about how we all need to work together to make the world a better place.

Love is all you need street sign

“All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles is another well-known song that advocates for peace. It stresses the importance of love and understanding in making the world peaceful. These are just two examples of kids’ songs about peace that help to promote this important message.

As we head into another year, I wanted to share some peace songs for kids that can be used during morning meetings or anytime you’re looking for ways to promote peace in your classroom or home.

This post is for YOU. I curated the BEST peace songs for kids to save you time and inspire you to teach kids about peace.

Peace Song for Kids

Peace Songs for Kids

I’ve Got Peace Like a River

Sing Peace Around the World

I See You in Me

A Song of Peace for Kids

Teaching Peace

Light a Candle for Peace

A Time for Peace

International Day of Peace

The Rainbow Song

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