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Being the Best Mom Isn’t Enough: I Need More


There I said it.  A mom bittersweet moment of truth.

I will admit that my heart aches as I read that heading. I think of my sweet, darling, beautiful boys, and of all that I’d do for them because, well, I’m their mom.

Isn’t that what us moms are supposed to do? Be completely selfless. Right?

{This post is sponsored by Sleeping Lady Resort. All opinions are 100% mine.}

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“A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” – Anonymous

A Mom Needs More

For some mothers, it is exactly what they’re supposed to do.

But not for me.

My three children are a piece of me, but they are not all of me.

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I spent the last two days with my best friend from high school. I’ve known her for almost 25 years. We laughed so hard, we cried…more than once.  I had moments of remembering what it was like to be 16 again. I felt whole.

Stepping away is critical.  Remembering who you are at your core is required to be successful as a parent.

My sons didn’t want me to go away but I told them it was important. I told them I’d been friends with Nadia for many years, that she makes me laugh, that she reminds me of the hope we all had when we were young, that she brings out the best me.

Here is the thing, I don’t want those feelings to be “in the past” feelings. I want them to be “now” feelings. So I have to start living it.

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Friendship is not a simple concept to teach children. Like many aspects to parents, modeling friendship is the best approach.

{This is me and my best friend from high school. We don’t look a day over 18, right?}

Modeling how to be the best ‘you’ can be is a big lesson for kids. In the beginning we have little choice but to give our all, but like most important things in life, how we view and embrace motherhood ebbs and flows throughout life. Our definition of ‘motherhood’ and what it means to be the best mother you can possibly be changes with the times. How we view motherhood is not static, by definition, it has to evolve.

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So, how do you get there? That is the best part.

10 Ways to Be the Best Mom Without Losing Yourself

  1. Spend time with yourself overnight if possible (I spent the night at Sleeping Lady Resort, which was the perfect mix of outdoors, great food, and cozy accommodation.)
  2. Spend time with a close friend
  3. Spend time with your partner
  4. Hand write a note to someone in your life
  5. Go out to eat by yourself
  6. Be outdoors
  7. Choose your favorite exercise and make it happen
  8. Start a garden
  9. Cook a new recipe
  10. Start a journal

Embrace the fact that it is okay to need more, to need something different to be the best YOU you can be.



This post is sponsored by Sleeping Lady Resort. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains on the banks of Icicle Creek, just outside Leavenworth, WA. Sleeping Lady offers a distinct Northwest experience accented by sustainable gourmet cuisine and cozy accommodations. The resort invites you to discover a destination where nature inspires every stay.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.