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Montessori Apple Activities for Preschoolers


Do you want to make learning about apples with your preschoolers fun and engaging? Look no further – Montessori activities are an effective way to introduce the theme of apples in a creative and meaningful way! From sensory play to math concepts, there is something for every child’s individual learning style.

In this blog post, we’ll explore various Montessori apple activities that will bring delight into any homeschool or classroom environment for young learners. A great addition to a fall preschool unit.

Preschool Apple Unit

Preschool Apple Theme Activities

Practical Life

  • Tonging Apples – Great for fine motor skill development and pre-reading skill. Demonstrate by identifying the items on the tray, move slowly transferring the small wooden apples from left to right and speak with a few words. Once the child masters the activity, integrate pre-math by counting the apples.
  • Washing Apples
  • Slicing, Peeling, Coring Apples
  • Make Apple Sauce with these Crockpot Applesauce Making Cards from Training Happy Hearts
  • Apple Lacing Card from No Time for Flashcards
apple slicing



Montessori Language

Montessori Math

  • Graphing with a chart and die, or graph an Apple Taste Test
  • Tree Addition using this template from Life Over C’s
  • Pattern Cards using a free template from Spell Outloud
  • Apple Tree Counting like this felt tree from Spell Outloud
  • Graph an apple tree’s growth

Montessori Art

  • Make Apple Prints
Fall Activities for Preschoolers - Apple Printing

Although I was at first disappointed that the apples I had bought from the grocery were not in great shape for eating, my mind immediately went to “what can I do with these apples with the boys?”

So we sliced them open and took a look at the Parts of the Apple: the skin, the flesh, the core, the seeds, and the stem. Then, well, we made art! Personally, I prefer apple activities over skeleton activities but who is counting?

Fall Activities for Preschoolers - Apple Printing

Apple Activity for Preschoolers


  • Paper
  • Apples
  • Brush (or not)
  • Bowls for paint

Apple Printing Approach:

I set out a tray with bowls of paint. The bowls were wide enough so that the boys could dip the apple into the paint. I also included a paint brush so the boys could paint the apples if they desired that approach.

Fall Activities for Preschoolers - Apple Printing

More Apple Themed Activities

Montessori History

  • Track the time it takes for an apple tree to grow and to harvest apples using a piece of string

Montessori Geography

  • Where do Apples grow? Why? Discuss states like Washington. Mark a map with the apple grown in that state.

Montessori Zoology

  • Study of animals known to enjoy apples such as worms, caterpillars, and horses
  • Investigate: An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Montessori Botany

Montessori Science

Resources for Apple Unit

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.