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The Easiest Way to Bring Nature into a Montessori Environment


I looked over and my toddler was carefully watering his plant.

I smiled.

Sometimes things happen as a parent that make you feel like just maybe you’re doing something right.

Montessori at Home - The Plant

Little by little, our home is beginning its transformation. This week I added a plant to my sons’ activity area. Maria Montessori was a belief that nature should be a critical component of a child’s learning environment.

Bring Nature into a Montessori Environment

She felt that nature inspires learning in children (the colors, the contrasts, the sounds, the smells, etc) and that learning to care for plants (and animals) was an important step in development.

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Plants in the Home

The African Violet is the perfect plant to introduce to a child’s learning environment because of the size, feel, and color. I explained to my son that this plant was his plant for which to care and that it will remain on his table. He looked at me with kind of a funny “I am thinking about this” face.

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I am not sure what caused his wonder: the idea that he gets to water the plant, that this plant is his to keep, etc. The important immediate result is that he thought about it at all. I am excited to see his reaction today when he comes downstairs.

Lately, as many two-year-olds, he likes to take ownership of things (My Balloon, My Car…) in a way that may not always be positive but it can be…

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.