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The Best Montessori Resources to Help You Plan Like an Expert


As I prepare for the upcoming Montessori homeschool year, I am researching best practices in lesson planning and record keeping. I thought I would share some of my research – from homeschool planners to homeschool curriculum resources – with you.

Montessori Homeschool Planning Resources

How Do you Plan a Montessori Homeschool?

The truly important starting points are personal. You have to find your homeschool rhythm. More often than not, that rhythm won’t fit a set planning schedule.

Just like Montessori, create a well-planned environment with wide parameters, and lots of room for shifting directions depending on the child and yourself. Another starting point is setting your homeschool intentions.

What do you want to accomplish that day, that week, that month, that year across a wide range of learning and development?

Success is blocked by concentrating on it and planning for it… Success is shy – it won’t come out while you’re watching. ~ Tennessee Williams

Montessori Scope & Sequence

You want to know and understand the scope & sequence generally. Why?  Trust me, you will be able to guide your child more effectively. You will also be able to more successfully make appropriate observations on progress and focus.

I created a visual during my training. I have lesson sequences for sensorial, practical life, language, and math.The most comprehensive Montessori Scope & Sequence I have seen out in the virtual world is by Montessori Compass.  

The Helpful Garden also has a really great free scope & sequence for you. So you can basically take your pick from a variety of high-quality Montessori resources. 

How Do You Write a Montessori Lesson Plan?

Using the scope & sequences from above – with the exception of Montessori math, most areas go in consecutive order. Then review this post I wrote on how to give a Montessori lesson

Helpful posts also include Isolation of Quality and Control of Error, two key aspects of Montessori teaching and learning.

Weekly Planning Progress Free Printables

Montessori Homeschool Planning Tools

I have to be honest. I haven’t found one that works for me yet. I need simple. I need flexibility. So, I am in the process of making my own. I will share it with you once I complete the document.

I also found this wonderfully well-done Montessori homeschool planning set on Etsy from a store called Perennial Planner.

hundred board telling time activity

Montessori Record Keeping

One of the first steps in the beginning actually to homeschool your children is to assess where they are in their development. There are a series of assessment tools along the way that will help you.

The hundred board is a good example. I have searched for a comprehensive list of assessment works. I have not found one. So, I am going to go through my training materials and write one up as a reference for myself but also to send it along to you. I hope it helps.  

In the meantime, Montessori Printshop has a Language Record-Keeping download and a reasonably priced General Record Keeping download available.

Additional Homeschool Resources

Other resources to check out include Living Montessori Now’s post on the daily Montessori homeschool schedule.

I will continue to update you as I do more research. I wanted to share with you the resources I have come across to help you with planning as soon as possible.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.