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How to Montessori Homeschool without Training


Let me guess. You’re a homeschooler or want to homeschool using the Montessori method but there are a few things holding you back? There are ways to Montessori homeschool without training but…

I get it. Big time.

A few reasons preventing you from truly feeling confident about your Montessori homeschooling might be a lack of:

  • time
  • money
  • a system

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When I discovered Montessori, I fell quickly & deeply in love with all aspects of the philosophy. Fortunately, I was in a position to get trained in person at a local, rock star school.  As the mom of two young children coming to the program, I stood out. My decade in the business world positioned me well for grasping & synthesizing information quickly. My role as a young parent positioned me well for taking all I learned and immediately applying it.

I was sold.

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As I began my homeschool journey, I saw the steep learning curve, I hit the roadblocks, I encountered the obstacles, and I experienced the overwhelming nature of ‘getting it all right’.

I know what it feels like to be stuck. So I began my research into creating a homeschool system that worked for me and my kids.

I am excited to share that knowledge in all its guts and glory with you.

Maybe you are still skeptical or unsure and in the research phase. If so ask yourself these 7 Questions to Ask Before Homeschooling.  They may help you sort your thoughts.

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7 Principals to Montessori Homeschool Without Training

#1 – Read. Read. Read.

Stay educated, revisit articles to stay inspired, and retread books to remind yourself of the beauty of the Montessori philosophy.

#2 – Reflect.

Take time to stop and think about the philosophy as it relates to you and your child. Are there ways you can do better? Are there changes you can make to better enable your child to lead his learning?

#3 – Create your approach to homeschooling

Notice how I italicize ‘your’. That’s because the first lesson to embrace is that this homeschool is your homeschool. No one can take that away from you. So what’s your vision? Your mission? Create one for yourself and then together with your children.

#4 – Create your approach to Montessori

Taking the above sentiment a bit further. I am Montessori trained but admittedly in my home, I embrace more of an a la carte approach. You likely will find peace in the same approach. Being authentic is not in question. Dr. Montessori would understand. Believe in the lifestyle as a foundation for learning. Don’t get caught up in the minutia. Define your Montessori. For me, I add free play, lots of outdoor learning, tinkering, and inquiry based learning. Dr. Montessori would not disagree with those minor variations.

#5 – Discover ways to implement Montessori on a budget

No one ever said Montessori is inexpensive. There is a good reason behind the expense. With that said there are ample ways to DIY.

#6 – Develop a system of record keeping, inspiration, & motivation

Once you have a binder with sections for each child, learning area, weekly plans, monthly plans, annual plans, and administrative documents, you will let out a sigh of relief. Preparing and planning is a huge step and piece of the process. Plus a book of go to quotes is always helpful!

#7 – Find a tribe for support, encouragement, & resource sharing

Facebook provides ample opportunity to access amazingly smart and supportive like minded families. Check out my Montessori in the Home private group and Montessori 101 as a starting point.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.