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You Should Read these Simple Parenting Blogs


Getting to your “simple” is not easy.

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My journey to simple began many years ago (and is still going). One huge inspiration for me are simple parenting blogs. I listed my favorites below. I hope you enjoy the reads and find a connection to keep you going on your journey to simple.

Simple Parenting Blogs Feature

Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker is a huge inspiration to me. He has written extensively on Minimalist Parenting on his blog and in his books. The More of Less is his latest book and is full of goodness. Arguably his most “mature” book synthesizing over 8 years of exploration into minimalist living. (Becoming Minimalist)

Abundant Mama

Shawn Fink is a rock star mama. She is raw, authentic, and totally relatable in her voice and her writing. She offers two books with Savoring Slow her most recent creation. Plus she offers an online community and The Abundant Mama Project, an online workshop for parents wanting to remain connected in present in a busy, fast paced world.

Be More With Less

I discovered Courtney of Be More With Less through Becoming Minimalist. She was part of Joshua Becker’s Uncluttered course. Her story resonated with me in a big way. She introduced a piece of simple living I hadn’t yet thought about in my journey – simplifying your body. Huge, right?

Lead With Why

Shawn from Abundant Mama  in her Amplify Life podcast interviewed Erica of Let Why Lead and I was hooked on her approach to life and her writing. Such an inspiration.

Slow Your Home

I love Brooke. She may not know the extent of my fondness but she inspires me in a big way! Brooke is authentic in her storytelling both on her blog and her podcast. Her story is real and relatable. She also wrote a book! Destination Simple is rock solid.

Soule Mama

Soule Mama’s Amanda had me at her book Rhythm of Family. Serious life changing read for me as a new mom. The book is on my reference shelf. I go to it often, especially when I need to pull back. Plus, she lives in Maine with her husband and five homeschooled children. What is not to love?

Cup of Jo

I began reading Cup of Jo many years ago before she became a mom and as she was just starting her brilliant blog. She loves in an urban area but truly embraces a simple life, or slow living, for all the right reasons. Beautiful photography and lovely writing. Not to be missed.

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