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Inexpensive Montessori Toys: 9 Amazing Gifts for Less than $10


Less than $10??? Yes! Yes, you read that title correctly! {Why is Montessori so expensive?} It is possible to find Montessori Christmas gifts for less than $10. {Read: Montessori on a Budget}.

I searched for interesting, fun, and useful stocking stuffers yesterday. I found so many beautiful items to put into my boys’ stockings. Here are several inexpensive Montessori at-home ideas. Happy holidays! ~ Marnie

Montessori Christmas Gifts for Less than $10

Montessori Christmas Gifts for Less than $10

Light Switch ExtenderLight Switch Extender

Perfect for encouraging independence in young children!

light_switch_extenderlight switch extender

Jumbo Hand Spinning Top from Montessori Services

Perfect for working fine motor skills and perfect for the holiday stocking.
hand spinning tool

Nuts & Bolts Activity from Montessori Services

My kids love this activity. This product is high quality and ideal for little hands!

Child’s Size Hammer from Montessori Services

My boys’ eyes opened wide when I gave them their first hammer. This hammer is child-sized and fits nicely into a child’s hand.


Stitching Block from Montessori Services

Knitting Tower (with Yarn)Knitting Tower

Knitting Tower

Vegetable Cutter Vegetable Cutter
vegetable chopperVegetable Cutter

Vegetable PeelerVegetable Cutter


Apple Corer and DividerApple Corer and Dividerapple corer
Apple Corer

I hope you find this list helpful, especially with your holiday shopping!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.