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Montessori Writing Preparation & Practice


Montessori writing is unique. Kids don’t have to hate writing. True story. There are lots of reasons why kids might not enjoy writing (Weak fine motor skills is one example. Play dough is great for strengthening hand muscles.). There are also lots of ways to help them enjoy writing. One of the many aspects I adore about Montessori is the integration of the classroom areas based on and supported by brain development. One example is with a child’s development of writing. Practical life may not seem like an obvious area of the classroom to assist a child in this piece of development. However, with the focus on fine motor skills, concentration, focus, and coordination, practical life begins this journey for many children.

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Montessori Writing Preparation

Most work in the Practical Life area will assist a child in developing the "3 finger grip" with transferring, play dough, pin poking, and scissor work.

Furthermore, moving into sensorial and language children work with knobbed cylinders, the geometric cabinet, rough smooth boards, metal insets, and sand paper letters. All these materials help prepare a child for writing.  I created this Montessori Letter Formation and Tracing Guide for your reference.


Writing with a Chalkboard

Montessori Writing Practice

  • Rainbow Letters are a wonderful tool for getting children to practice their letters. The child has an opportunity to color and to choose his favorite colored pencils with which to use for his tracing. Plus the result is beautiful for a take home!
  • Chalkboard is always intriguing to a child. You should jump on chance you have to provide a myriad of mediums on which to write.
  • Dry Erase Board {Lined and Unlined} is a great tool because it allows the child easy access to failure. That was a strange way to put it but you understand. "Messing up" is no big thing because he can simply grab his eraser and try again.
  • Tracing Paper Slips are good for early writers.
  • Paper Slips for writing without tracing should be used by the 4 to 5 year olds.
  • Unlined Paper
  • Large Lined Paper


I also write this post How to Encourage Writing in Preschoolers that you should definitely check out!





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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.