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THE BEST Monthly Subscription Learning Kits for Kids [2022]


A great way to supplement your child’s learning at school, or to bolster your homeschool program, is by joining monthly learning kits. These subscriptions are rock solid ways to get your child excited about learning and cover a wide range of topics.

This post includes our favorite monthly learning kits for kids! Fun and effective! Perfect for homeschooling and learning at home with your children!

Here are a few awesome monthly subscription kits my family enjoys.

What are your favorite learning kits?

Monthly Learning Kits for Kits

An awesome learning kits for kids! The Brainy Bug Out Kit!

Brainy Kit

The Brainy Kit focuses on science for early childhood Montessori-based classrooms, homes, and homeschool. We received our first box last month. The monthly deal is $40 per month. One-off kits are $50. So, yes, a bit pricey, but you get a TON of thoughtful, high-quality materials.

I am impressed with the thoroughness and organization of the kit. The kit contains hand on learning materials including objects and lesson plans. We signed up and received the Bug Out Kit complete with a puzzle, image cards, book, and lesson plans. Other kit themes include Polar, Under the Sea, and Life Cycle.

Monthly Kits Collage

Little Passports

Little Passports has been a part of our life for nearly a decade.  Little Passports developed three alternative adventures based on the child’s age. Little Passport is tiered across ages. The kits are put together age-appropriately and tell a sweet story of travelers.

Kiwi Crate

Early Explorers has a general world theme each month (e.g. music) and the World Edition is based on the adventures of Sofia & Sam as they travel to various countries. Both my sons can’t get enough of their “Pen Pals” and are thrilled when the mail delivery is for them.

5 Awesome Monthly Learning Kits For Kids

Tinker Crate

Tinker Crate is one of a few options offered by Kiwi Crate. We have tried Doodle Crate (which is great) but definitely have a sweet spot in our hearts for the Tinker Crate.

Younger kids may need an adult’s assistance putting some of the projects together but the concepts are age-appropriate for sure. In any event, even when a child observes more than tinkers or builds with the crate, he is learning.

The quality of the crate is really high. I have never been disappointed with the materials and directions, and absolutely adore the Tinkerzine offered as part of the crate. 

It expands on the learning and offers the next steps and additional guidance if a child wants more! My boys can’t get enough. Definitely inspiring! Kiwi Crate offers crates from birth thru adulthood! 

Steve Spangler Science CLub

Steve Spangler Science Club

The Spangler Science Club offers hands-on interactive experiments and activities. The easy-to-follow lessons introduce kids to science concepts and ignite a child’s desire to want to do more in-depth experiments. 


WompleBox is more than a geography kit for kids. goes beyond simply teaching kids about geography. The boxes teach about world culture – the people, the food, the history, and much more. There is science, cuisine, nature, and art learning, too.

According to their website and I can verify the truth to this statement:

Kids will come face to face with relatable kid characters from other countries, then they’re off on an adventure: up close with Komodo dragons in Indonesia, joining a tribe of reindeer herders in Mongolia, and hiking the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada.

Teaching Empathy to Kids

Notable Monthly Kit Mentions

See you soon!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.