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Montessori in the Home – Preparing & Serving Snack


I’m in the process of transforming our home based on the Montessori philosophy. I have so many ideas whipping around my brain that I decided to make one change each week or try to at least, that gets us closer to the goal. I’ll share these steps with you.

Montessori at Home - Snack Time

Montessori in the Home – Snack

One idea is to create a snack drawer, or cabinet, that is easily accessible to the child. This change might scare some of you. It certainly scared me.

Give my child 24-hour access to his snacks? What?

Well, you will be shocked at the result, I promise. There will, of course, be a transition period, which will require you to guide your child into knowing 1) the right times to access his or her snack drawer and 2) that choosing four of the same snack bar in one day might not be the best choice.

Easy to Do

So here is what we did:

  • I emptied out a “catch-all” drawer (which was fabulous to do for me anyway!) at a good height for my 2-year-old to access
  • I chose snacks to include in the drawer for variety and to really bring home the idea of “choice”. We include Peter Rabbit’s Veggie and Fruit Puree Pouches, Clif Z Bars, Individual sized applesauce containers, fruit leather, and raisins.
  • I created a designated snack table.

You will be happy with the results – in the timing and choice of snack – that occur after a bit of transition. My son revels in the idea that he has access to and can choose his own snack.

He has control over his experience with food. That is huge. Kids seem to love being independent. Having the opportunity to have control over such a small thing in his life certainly makes my son feel, or so it seems, confident.

Amazing that such a small change can go such a long way in self-esteem! It is also a relief to me to simply be able to say, “why don’t you go grab a snack from your snack drawer?”

Instead of waiting on him hand and foot. Win. Win.

Thanks for reading!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.