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Montessori Shelves {August}

Having a 4 year old and a 2. 5 year old poses some challenges given their different developmental stages. I try to choose activities that lend to a range of skills but am also prepared to occupy my littler guy while my older son works on an activity requiring a bit more concentration. I am focused on Practical Life for my 2.5 year old and Language for my 4 year old. I will add Sensorial very quickly over the next month, plus some math, geography and life sciences.


Seed Transferring

Simple hand transfer for my 2.5 year old. He also likes to pour from one bowl to the other. My older son spoons or uses tweezers for added fine motor development.



Bead Sorting

My younger son enjoys simply transferring with his hands but is beginning to notice the difference between the white and brown beads. So I introduced sorting today. Sorting is pretty simple for my 4 year old so I add in some fine motor work with tongs or tweezers to make it more interesting for him. Using a blindfold is fun too especially with the great sound the beads make as they land in the ceramic bowl.



Marble Painting

Lay out a tray lined with poster board. Add a few bits of paint and place a marble (or small ball) in the middle. Encourage your child to pick up the tray and move it in all sorts of directions to watch how the marble (or ball) moves on the tray in and out of the paint.



Word Families Made from Recycled File Folders

My 4 year old is ripe for language work. For the most part he is intimidated by reading with me. He flinches at not knowing the word and rushes to “guess” the word rather than slowly sound it out. So I have take a more subtle approach. For example, when reading together at rest time, I will try to sound out “the” and we’ll both laugh because it sounds quite silly. So I am able to introduce “sight” or “puzzle” words in this manner. There are some words we can’t sound out, that we must simply learn to recognize as we read. These word family strips are another example.  I left the basket out and waited for him to discover it. He subsequently asked me about it and whizzed through the word families, asking for more.


Thanks for reading! What new work is on your shelves?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.