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45+ Outdoor Ideas for 6-Year Olds


Are you looking for outdoor activities for your kids? Yeah, yeah, it seems that outdoor activities should be as easy as stepping a foot out the door, right? Well, sure, if there is a magical fairy to do all the other work required to manage a household. So, let’s be real! 

Outdoor Activities for Kids

45+ Outdoor Ideas for 6-Year-Olds

  1. Swing – Any kind of swing! From a branch! From a wooden structure! Go to Rainbow Play Systems. Search Pinterest for ideas. 
  2. Hammock – An often overlooked component of outdoor space! We’re fortunate because we have a sweet little nook where we can hang a hammock. Check out your space. Do you have trees? Can you get two wooden beams in place to secure a lightweight hammock? Or there are free-standing hammocks, too.  We love Wise Owl Hammocks.
  3. Playhouse
  4. Hammer & Nails – Doesn’t have to be too complicated. You can grab a pumpkin or squash and some golf tees and call it a day OR check out some of these cool woodworking tools for kids
  5. Water Station – THIS material is the gift that keeps on giving.  We bought this water station for kids years ago and it was worth every penny. 
  6. Geoboard
  7. Sensory Table
  8. Sidewalk Chalk & Painter’s Tape
  9. Make objects from natural objects, string, and glue
  10. Paint & Learn about Rocks
  11. Build a Fairy Garden
  12. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
  13. Hide gems around the yard for kids to discover
  14. Wood Whittling
  15. Play with Loose Parts
  16. Cardboard Play
  17. Ice Play
  18. Mud pies or pretend baking with flour or cornflour
  19. Finger Painting
  20. Liquid Chalk Paints
  21. I Spy…..with an entire list of around-the-yard items. Can include colors and numbers to encourage counting
  22. Water Gun Writing
  23. Shadow Tracings
  24. Tin Can Bowling
  25. Rock Stacks 
  26. Ring toss obstacle of different items
  27. Sandbox 
  28. Place an Art Easel in the Backyard
  29. Loose Legos
  30. Train Tracks
  31. Cars with items for ramps
  32. Pogo Stick
  33. Go on a bug hunt
  34. Stilts
  35. Trampoline
  36. Dig in dirt with water
  37. Bubbles
  38. Gardening tools
  39. Magnatiles
  40. Paintbrush and bucket
  41. Flowerpot painting and planting
  42. Newspaper pot
  43. Mud Kitchen
  44. Imaginative play with figurines
  45. Balance boards
  46. Tree Stumps
  47. Tent
  48. Kinetic Sand

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.