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Learn the Overview of Numerals Montessori Math Lesson


Overview of Numerals in a Montessori Math lesson within Place Value and the Decimal System. This lesson comes in the middle of the sequence of Montessori math learning of place value & the decimal system where the teacher introduces the child to the bead materials and numeral cards.

The child learns what it means when we get to the number nine, how we have to move to a new place, and how to exchange. Montessori’s bead material is the most sought-after and beautiful material because it combines a sensorial experience, giving the child a concrete introduction to math concepts and math facts.

Montessori overview of numerals

Have you guys heard of Math Works: Montessori Math and the Developing BrainMath Works by Michael Duffyby Michael Duffy? It is a phenomenal read with loads of background ideas and lessons for the new and veteran Montessori teacher! I highly recommend the book for your reference shelf!


As you know from reading about the Montessori Math philosophy, Dr. Montessori’s approach to teaching math is extraordinary and breathtaking. I can honestly say I learned more about math in my Montessori training than I ever did sitting in a classroom. Even the youngest child is ripe for math learning. There is evidence that children begin to recognize patterns (early math concepts) in the womb. I am not saying that we should be pushing math to newborns, but children are ripe for learning these ideas.  If we approach our teaching in the right way with the materials and the environment, then our children will benefit greatly and maybe even love math for a lifetime.

To review, the child is ready to move forward in her math learning. She has been given the following lessons in Montessori math sequence (after the numeration lessons):

Overview of Numerals

Place Value and the Decimal System Lessons

  • Golden Bead Presentation Tray
  • Equivalence & Crisis of Nine Tray
  • Overview of the Golden Beads
  • Composition of Quantities
  • Introduction of Numerals in the Decimal System

overview of numerals

Overview of Numerals Lesson

overview of numerals layout

Lay out first three units vertically at the right of the mat. Ask what comes next and continue onward.  Admire the work. Ask the child what he notices about the layout.

This lesson is one of many beautiful Montessori math works. See you soon!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.