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FREE Montessori Parts of the Coin Cards


Parts of the Coin is a great way to begin teaching kids about money. Once I learn about something, I care a lot more about it.

Does that make sense? For example, once I understood how plants take in water, I took better care of the roots and stems.

The same goes for slugs and ants. Once I learned about why they’re important to our ecosystem, I appreciated them. I know, I know. Slugs? Truth, though.

Once I educate myself about something, I tend to be more thoughtful, respectful, and engaged by that “something”.

Teaching Kids about Money

Think about that idea when it comes to teaching kids about money. If we can approach teaching kids about money in a way that educates them about the history of coins, the types of coins, coins from around the world, the parts of the coin, and all the math involved with learning about coins…

…whatever angle you take depending on the child or classroom, find a hook. We need kids to care about money in a responsible and respectful way. Please enjoy this FREE Parts of the Coin download to start your journey teaching kids about money.

Parts of the Coin

Check out these FREE Parts of the Coin 3-Part Cards

Parts of the Coin Nomenclature Cards Lesson

  • Place pictures with labels in a horizontal row at the top of the mat.
  • Talk about the cards, the pictures, and the labels
  • Select cards with the image only.
  • With this card, scan the pictures with labels until a match is found.
simple nomenclature process
  • Select word labels.
  • Scan pictures with labels until a match is found
  • Place word under picture.
  • Once complete, place pictures with labels in the tray, then place pictures only in the tray, then word labels in the tray.
  • Return to shelf.

See this post on Montessori Pre-Reading for more information on Nomenclature Cards.

Don’t forget to download the FREE Parts of the Coin cards. While you’re there, check out my Learning about Money Mega Pack with over 30 no-prep activities!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.