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Exciting Patriotic Activities for Preschoolers to Celebrate America


Patriotic Activities for Preschoolers

Activities for Preschooler

Here is a list of a few Patriotic Activities for Preschoolers we’ve done over time that would make great easy and last minute Patriotic Activities for this 4th of July!

Activity with Ice & Stars

Ice Stars Patriotic Activity

Use a star-shaped ice tray, fill with confetti stars or other objects and add red and blue food coloring. Freeze. Allow your child to explore the cold ice melting, dig out objects and play with color. For older children, freeze objects like letters (USA) or numbers (1776) for a mini geography and history lesson.

Flag Counting for PreschooleCounting Stars

I used the same ice tray as the above activity. I marked each star with number 1-6. I filled a small bowl with exactly the amount of different objects to make it work (e.g. Control of Error). Include tongs to give your child a chance to work on fine motor skills.

Counting Flags

I bought a blue serving tray from Target for a few dollars, marked each section with a number 1-6 and filled the center with enough mini US flags to cover the amounts 1-6. Explain the activity by showing your child the tray, point to each number and the flags, then demonstrate the objective of the activity.

Patriotic Discover BottlePatriotic Discovery Bottle

My mom led the way with this activity. What I love most was her approach. She focused on the process and not the result (although the result was great!). She included red, white and blue paper clips, ribbon, buttons, pipe cleaners and star confetti.

She had my older son sort the buttons and paper clips by color into three bowls (logic) and then she asked him to cut the pipe cleaners and ribbon into smaller pieces (fine motor). The fun part, especially for our 1.5 year old was filling the bottle with the items! Then close it up with tape or glue and shake away!

Make Glitter Stars with Ki

Glitter Stars

Inspired by a pin that linked back to this wonderful Etsy shop, we cut stars from cardboard or foam, grabbed a quart sized food storage bag, our glue, and lots of silver glitter.

Call your child over to the table, explain the project, ask him to dip each star into the glue, then ask him to pour the glitter into the bag. Then the fun part, add the stars to the bag and shake, shake, shake! The tough part is giving your stars enough time to dry. Patience is a virtue!

Red White And Blue Golf Tee Activity

Red, White & Blue Golf Tees

I bought red, white and blue golf tee, had my son put them in a piece of styrofoam left over from a package we received earlier in the week, then gave him a few objects to balance on the golf tees. Great for fine motor skill development.

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Thanks for choosing to read this post today. I hope that we inspired you. I love to hear from you so please comments!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.