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Preschool Pencil Stamp Art – The Earth


Pretty simple Earth Day art project but one that works fine motor skills and has a beautiful result, especially with toddlers. Plus, take the opportunity to introduce your child to pointillism and the likes of George Seurat.  

What is Pointillism?

Developed in the mid-1880s, pointillism resulted from reacting to impressionism, the dominant art form at the time.  In fact, pointillism offers a scientific approach to art in that dots and colors are carefully placed onto a canvas. 

I wrote about aboriginal dot painting in my Montessori Art for Continent Studies post. 

Watch this video on Aboriginal pointillism for kids

Dot Art for Earth Day

Materials Needed

Pencil Dot Earth

Grab pencils with erasers, an ink pad (we used our Melissa & Doug pad), and a printout of the Earth. We used this FREE printable, the same one we used for our resist painting guest post at The Lone Home Ranger, from Make and Takes.

The process is pretty simple. Open up the ink pad, stamp the eraser onto the pad, and then stamp the eraser onto the coloring page. We didn’t feel the need to work within the lines of the earth.

Pencil Dot Earth

My son liked to use both ends of the pencil.

Pencil Dot Earth

We left the project all morning. He’d come back and revisit it every so often.

Pencil Dot Earth

Once we deemed it complete, I cut around the edge of the Earth, laminated it and used double-sided tape to display it proudly on our window next to our other Earth Day projects.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.