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9 Easy & Fun Preschool Units


I know I’m not alone always looking out for new content for units for preschoolers. So, here are 9 mini units for preschoolers! 


9 Preschoolers Units



An incident with my sons (almost 3.5 and 5) led me to create this Preschool Unit on Ants. My sons turned over a rock. Then, copious amounts of ants scurried out from their home. My sons reacted in a way that didn’t surprise me, but they didn’t react well.

The ants, obviously surprised to see the light of day and my sons, crawled all over their feet and legs. I created this unit with the hope that with a little learning, we can understand the extraordinary creatures, and, well, not “hate them” so much.



We were thrilled to find a tree frog spawning in our pond. The male frogs have been croaking up a storm in our forest in the evenings. The rhythm is beautiful but it sure does make me wonder where they all hide during the day. The chorus sounds like one of thousands.

The eggs really are beautiful with their perfectly rounded black dots and their surrounding jelly sacs. Frogs lay their eggs so the sac attaches to a branch in our pond, which makes observing their growth all the more lovely. This unit was born from that awe.



Slugs bombard our yard here in the oft-gloomy Seattle area. My 2 and 3.5-year-old are intrigued by slugs and excited to examine them. I want to keep it that way.

Their wonder and curiosity is not something I want to suppress in any way. As I researched on the internet I found many people disgruntled with these tiny mollusks.



In about a month my sons and I are headed to Maine for several weeks. I thought it would be fun and worthwhile to integrate some Maine-themed activities into our days over the next few weeks. Here are a few we’re doing in our home:

Caterpillar to Butterfly


One of my favorite songs in the entire universe is named, “Butterfly” by Lenny Kravitz. As I write up this post, I listen to the beautiful melody and lyrics. My muse.

I highly recommend firing that song up while reading this post and thinking about your butterflies. Please keep in mind that my child is 25 months so these lessons are geared at preschoolers, 2-4 years old.

Sea Turtles


I am really excited to share our Sea Turtle mini-unit. Sea Turtles are amazing reptilian creatures. This unit includes facts, practical life, math, free printables, and much more!



This link will take you to several honeybee posts for early childhood learning! Expect to see more honeybee content soon!


Rock Climbing

Rocks have to be one of the most versatile real objects to incorporate into fun and learning. In this post, you will find a list of activities ranging from art to math to science to language.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.