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Super Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids + Tips for Getting Outside


Back when I lived in the Pacific Northwestern part of the United States, during the month of beautiful September, I could begin to feel the dread of the weather turning on a dime. What that means is lots of overcast days and cooler temperatures for 4-6 months!

So, at that point, I always worked hard to create a healthy mindset about things to do on a rainy day. With that said, our rainy day activities were not be relegated to the indoors. So, get our your wellies and let’s start exploring rainy day games!

Super Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

What Do Families Do on a Rainy Day?

Being outdoors in the cloudy, rainy weather is a perfect scene for learning and exploring with kids! Plus, I’ll take all the Vitamin D I can get! Be proactive and prepare for the day’s weather and you’ll be all set! Below are a ideas on how to make rainy days fun. my Rainy Day Outdoor Tips & Tricks, a sure way to get outside during those drearier months.

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That’s right! Vitamin D isn’t all about catching a few rays! A glass of milk can give you a quarter of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin D. That’s convenient for us here in the Pacific Northwest where around 75% of people don’t get enough Vitamin D! Milk helps build healthy bones and promotes strong immunity!

Forest Outdoor Classroom

What To Do On a Rainy Day

Get the Gear

Erin Kenny, founder and director of Cedarsong Nature School, recommend Okiwear. Wearing waterproof and temperature appropriate clothing is key. Layers works well for us here in the Pacific Northwest.

Carry Extra Clothing

Always carry or be near an extra set of clothing. Changing those wet socks can make a huge difference. Don’t forget a bag for the wet or dirty clothing!

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Get Inspired

I typically get inspired by being outdoors. However, on those days that I am finding myself moving a bit more slowly toward my rain gear, I pick up Anna Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Study or read Richard Louv’s blog or books. At that point I can’t wait to get outside and convincing others to come along isn’t difficult.

Paint in the Rain & With the Rain

This activity is so fun. Create a masterpiece indoors and bring it outside to let the rain complete the beautiful artwork. Or do it all outside!

Be a Role Model

Show your enthusiasm for the outdoors simply by living it! Show enthusiasm about fresh air and discovering new things!

Rainy Day Games for Kids

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Notice the Changes

Honestly, as beautiful and striking as a lovely spring day may be for us, a rainy or cold day is far more interesting to me! Ask kids to describe the scene of a rainy or snowy day versus a spring or summer day. Perhaps have them draw the two scenes once inside, or better yet, find a sitting spot outside.

Study the Adaptors

What animals do you see? I love talking with my sons about the birds we see during the colder months. How amazing are these birds to adapt? Ask children how these adaptors survive over the colder months. What problems do these animals face? How do these animals prepare for less food and shelter?

Distinguish the Trees

Even a bare deciduous trees are beautiful. What makes them different from evergreen trees? Do evergreen trees keep all their needles? What are conifers? Are all cones alike? How do we tell the difference? Why do leaves change color and eventually fall to the ground?

Go on a Muddy Hike

I love running in the rain, puddle jumping, and getting muddy. I even love to run in the snow! There are great and different challenges that occur running in the snow. I welcome this challenges. Prepare yourself for some mud. Wear your tall boots and bring along a trash bag for your muddy clothes at the end.

Puddle Jumping

This activity seems a little obvious but sure does pack a punch. Who can jumo the farthest? the highest? Who can make the biggest splash? Who can find the biggest puddle? who can find the deepest puddle?

Photography in the Rain

One of my all time favorites sights in the world are water droplets post rain or with an early morning dew. I appreciate the beauty and the science of the way the water drops and gathers onto plants.

Study Surface Tension

Following on the last activity, take time to study surface tension. In other words how the water forms droplets, or little spheres. According to Interesting Engineering, “this force binds water molecules at a droplet’s surface and tugs the molecules inward, forming the shape. The surface tension tries to hold the droplets form but the opposing force of the field pulls the droplet out of shape.”

Collect Rain Water Math Activity

I love this rainy day activity because it requires observation & patience in many parts of the world. Purchase an easy to read & inexpensive rain collector. Measuring the rainful day by day is also a wonderful way to learn math and to learn about the seasons.

Other Rainy Day Ideas

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