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Simply “Be” with Children


One of the most remarkable things I observed about my sons’ Nature Immersion camp was that there were no books, no toys, no art supplies…there was nature. That is all the children needed…The teacher allowed the children to lead with their interests and used her extraordinary knowledge of plants, animals and the earth to create the most phenomenal experience for children I have ever witnessed.


So, try it, go on a walk, outside. Freaked out? Yeah, me too. Having faith in leaving home with your children without any plans or “things” scares me.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Nibble like deer on cedar (it tastes good)
  • Pick berries
  • Play ‘what’s Missing?’ With objects from nature
  • Create a maze, labyrinth or spiral from objects in nature
  • Roll down a hill
  • Stare at the clouds
  • Tell stories
  • Find a sit spot
  • Sing songs
  • Create a home in the outdoors: have your child make their beds, identify a kitchen
  • Make a campfire from sticks and leaves
  • Find a bear cave
  • Find a hill for sliding and a tree for climbing
  • Choose a favorite tree
  • Go to the library and seek reference guides to help you identify the plants and animals
  • Listen to the birds
  • Simply listen to the sounds of the outdoors
  • Play “hide and seek” with animal calls
  • Go barefoot
  • Find a dirt pile and dig
  • Build a tee pee with sticks
  • Go on a Thumbelina Walk: what do you see?
  • Take a close look at rocks: imagine the journey of that rock
  • Make a band with the trees, sticks and other objects around you.
  • Consider placing pony beads, yarn, chalk and glitter out on the trail so the child can decorate his walkway and his sit spot

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.