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A Preschooler’s Chore Chart


Since my daughter has been a toddler, she has helped with chores. In the beginning, there was a lot of help and guidance from us to complete a chore. Now, at 4 1/2 years old, there are some chores, found in the list below, she can do independently.

Guest post by Rebekah of Finding the Golden Gleam

Chores at Home for a Preschooler

  • Give water to cat
  • Sweep under table once a day
  • Pick up toys from floor and return to bins
  • Set table for breakfast
  • Vacuum rug with child size carpet sweeper

The biggest challenge was she didn’t have a lot of motivation to complete some of those chores because like most preschoolers she would rather be playing. Since my daughter enjoys collecting coins for her piggy bank, and she is capable of completing all of her chores, we set up a chore chart for her.

I made the chore chart by hot gluing pictures of my daughter doing chores onto old magnets. I labeled the pictures with simple words using a photo editing program. If you can’t print pictures from a computer, a simple drawing with handwritten labels will work well as a chore magnet. Place the chore magnets on a fridge in a spot where the child can reach them. Cover the chore magnets in contact paper to make them more durable.

Once my daughter completes a chore, she places the chore magnet in the “Chores Done!” box located on the fridge. It is made from a pasta box covered in construction paper. I hot glued several strong magnets to the back of the box.

The chore chart helps my daughter keep track of her responsibilities throughout the day. At the end of the day if she has finished all of her chores, she receives a quarter for her piggybank. This system has reduced the amount of nagging we had unfortunately resorted to because my daughter utilizes the chart to keep track of her progress rather than the endless discussing and negotiating over chores that happened before we used the chore chart. She seems more pleased with her ability to finish her chores, too.

What chores does your preschooler do at home? What strategies work for you to keep your children on top of doing their chores?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.