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Surprising Tools to Help You Not Fail at Gardening with Kids


I am constantly on the search for “gardening with kids” tools, ideas, tips, & tricks that will help the process go a bit smoother. Planning a garden not only takes loads of time, but it also requires you to be organized and think ahead.

Overwhelmed yet?

I’m finishing up a book on gardening with kids this week. It is filled with so much goodness. I can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, my research revealed amazing, rock-solid gardening tools, many of which are available online, that will help you cultivate a successful garden at your home or school.

tools to help create a garden with kids

Tools to Help Adults Create a Kids’ Garden

Garden Scheduler

Not only does this gardening calendar let you search by zip code, it also gives you the option to set up planting reminders! Sign me up!

Frost Date Calculator

You read that right: frost date calculator. Type in your zip code and bam! You have last spring frost, first fall frost, and a number of days in the growing season.

gardening with kids

Download your FREE Plant Growth Chart Now!

Let’s Move Gardening Guide

Does it get any better than this guide? Not meant to be political but I am a huge fan of the former First Lady’s gardening initiative

Master Gardener Database

Seek out the advice of a master gardener! Chances are there is one close to you. How do I find one? Great question! Good news! There is a way to search for a master gardener near you!

Affiliated with universities, these trained gardeners’ mission is to educate people like you and me. These gardeners are volunteers and come supplied with research-based information.  

You can also most likely find these friendly folks at your local farmer’s market, too.

Family Gardening Activities Galore

I love! So much great information for parents and kids. I am particularly a fan of their family gardening activities section!  If the logistics of gardening with kids is too much at times, dig into these activities to bring smiles back again.

Are you still feeling overwhelmed? Check out my eBook! :-)


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.