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The Best Documentaries for Kids That Parents Will Love Too


I think kids need to do hard things and see others doing hard things. Documentaries are one way to achieve the latter part and hopefully influence the former.

Each of these documentaries for kids will impact them and inspire them to want to do great things in life and to work hard. Furthermore, these stories will show them that life is sometimes hard and requires sacrifice.

Finally, your kids might just understand the value of hard work & relationships, and get a lesson in gratitude.

Must See Documentaries for Kids

Documentaries for Kids on Netflix and Amazon Prime

best documentary for kids

Free Solo

I watched Free Solo with my 4-year-old. He was intrigued by the physical feat of the main character, Alex Hannold, and the rock faces offered by Yosemite National Park.

In addition, he picked up on the emotional undertones of the documentary. Alex not only has to work extremely hard, but he also faces pressure and is able to perform well even in extreme circumstances.

Documentaries for Kids - John Adams Mini Series

John Adams

John Adams is free to watch if you’re an Amazon PRIME member and is by far one of the best documentaries for kids on Amazon Prime. This mini-series is one of my all-time favorites.

I could watch it again and again and continue to gather loads of factual content about the founding of America.  The acting is phenomenal including the young child actors and the story is told remarkably well.

There are a few scenes to watch out for with younger children, including a tarring scene and a reunion scene with John and Abigail. With that said, definitely worth the watch with elementary on up.

Documentaries for Kids - A Lego Brickumentary

A Lego Brickumentary

Perfect for any young (and old!) Lego lover! This documentary has it all – what it takes to work at Lego and the history of Lego. Kids will truly be captivated by this behind-the-scenes look at this amazing company.

The Best Documentaries on Netflix Kids

Documentaries for Kids - The Mars Generation

The Mars Generation

Oh my goodness, I love this Netflix documentary about aspiring young scientists obsessed (in a healthy way) with exploring Mars. These kids are self-proclaimed “space nerds” and are proud of it.

Their attitudes warmed my heart and are a message I want my sons to hear again and again. Plus, the topic is one worth following. These young astronauts are sure to make a positive impact in the world.

Documentaries for Kids - The Other Kids

The Other Kids

This documentary is fantastic! The documentary focuses on the true story of Mubiru Reagan, a young football player from Uganda. He loves football, a sport that brings joy and meaning to life in otherwise adverse conditions.

His dream is to be like his idol, Fernando Torres, and to win a football scholarship that will change his life of poverty. Football influences his life greatly but Mubiru also desires to study. The story is wonderful and inspirational.

Watch these Documentaries for Kids

best documentary for kids
best documentaries for kids

Continents of the World Series

A 7 part series that covers all the continents of the world. Each program opens with a discussion of plate tectonics and Pangaea. Many parents, including myself, like to supplement learning at school with a bit of learning at home.

This series teaches kids about the world’s cultures, history, geopolitics, and geography and engages kids to want to continue their learning.

best documentary for kids
Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story

Grab your tissues! This documentary tells the true story of the inspirational Christopher Rush, a paraplegic, who lived with muscular dystrophy from birth to death at the age of 30. Doctors told his parents he wouldn’t live past two years.

The message is a phenomenal one – even with the greatest of obstacles, you can achieve dreams and make a big impact. Many kids don’t realize the fortunate of a healthy body. This profound documentary will illuminate their minds and hearts.

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