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Easter Egg Number Matching Activity for Kids


My guess is that you have a few plastic easter eggs and egg cartons in your home right now. All you need now for this easter egg number matching activity are numbers. We used colorful button numbers from Joann Fabrics & Crafts. You want enough numbers to pair a number in egg with a number in the cup of the egg carton.


Easter Egg Number Matching Activity

Tip: My mother was thinking ahead and glued the numbers 1-12 into the egg carton. Then place matching numbers into the plastic egg that also matches the color of the number (with the exception of 10 and 12, this part works out pretty well). S0 if your 5s are blue, use a blue plastic egg.


Present the egg carton to the child open with the plastic eggs filled with numbers in the top of carton. Explain the exercise. Our nearly 4 year old went right at it, opening eggs and matching numbers. Our nearly 2.5 year old focused on opening the eggs and matching the colors. He is still working on being able to visually identify numbers.


Easy and inexpensive, plus your kids will enjoy cracking open the eggs and the element of surprise in finding a number. This activity is great for pre-math and fine motor skill development. Additionally, one way to get movement into the activity is to hide the eggs and have the child come back to the carton each time he finds a numbers.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.