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Montessori Activity Plan – Fantastic Elastic Brain


One of the biggest requests from my readers is to create a week-by-week Montessori activity plan for the home. This post is the start of offering those plans.  Each week there will be a theme. Last week we dug into a Discovery Theme. This week’s theme is Fantastic Elastic Brain-inspired by an amazing book by JoAnn Deak.

The Importance of Movement & Early Learning

Download this week’s activity plan.

Montessori Work Plan – Week 2 – Fantastic Elastic Brain

Before doing any of these fun activities with your kids, definitely pick up a copy of the book Fantastic Elastic Brain or watch this read-aloud on Youtube.

Dr. Maria Montessori believed wholeheartedly in bringing together movement & learning as a way to optimize the brain’s development. A lot of this week’s activities highlight that concept and bring it to fruition.

Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the American Montessori Society conference in San Francisco. One workshop I chose to sit in was called “Kids on the Move” based on an incredible book and concept called Brain Gym by Paul and Gail Dennison.

Brain Gym focuses on ‘whole brain learning’ and is founded in Educational Kinesiology, the study of the movement of the human body. The basic goal is to ‘draw out potentials locked in the body.’

What is Educational Kinesiology?

Very simply and briefly, edu-Kinesthetics teaches ‘repatterning procedures’ enabling students to access parts of their brains that had not been available to them previously. The best part? This stuff is great for kids AND us adults.

In this book, the approach divides activities into three sections: Midline MovementsLengthening Activities, and Energy Exercises & Deepening Attitudes. I’ll give you a few examples of each below.

The book is great too because it divides the exercises into specific skill sets such as writing and self-awareness skills. I also love the Brain Gym approach because of the overlap with yoga in its positions and breathing exercises.

Fantastic Elastic Brain

3 Main Areas of Movement Activities for Kids

#1 – Midline Movements help us practice using both sides of the brain together. Examples include ‘Thinking if an X‘, ‘Skip A Cross‘ (which can be done to music, which is always fun), drawing ‘Lazy 8s‘, ‘Double Doodle'(I love this post giving an example of the exercise), simply drawing with both hands at the same time, and ‘Rocker‘ by leaning onto our hands and rocking back and forth in circles.

#2 – Lengthening Activities focus on ‘forward moving posture’ and with the ability to express ourselves. Exercises within this area include: ‘Arm Activation‘ and the ‘Grounder‘, which are both similar to poses in yoga. Arm Activation involves holding one arm up against the ear and then using the other arm to hold it and press in, out, up and down. Grounder reminds me of a Warrior pose in yoga. You spread your legs, point the right foot (the back foot) to the right and the left foot (the front foot) straight ahead.

#3 – Energy Exercises & Deepening Attitudes assist with connecting neurons. Examples include ‘Sipping Water‘, ‘Earth, Balance and Space Buttons‘, involving pressing into the navel and other parts of the body relax us and clear our minds, ‘Energy Yawn‘ and ‘Thinking Caps‘ helping with focus. There is also my favorite, ‘Positive Points’ that work on nerves and assist in moving beyond the “worry zone”.

Montessori Work Plan – Week 2 – Fantastic Elastic Brain


Brain Activity: Gross Motor is the name of the game. Use the book Brain Gym to do midline movements and loads of other activities helping the brain develop through movement.

Resource: Brain Gym


Brain Activity: Go outside & meditate. Yoga movements. A great way to approach meditation to young children is by practicing the traditional Montessori Silence Game.



Brain Activity: Take Montessori Language Learning Outdoors with the activities within this post including The Art of Conversation, Storytelling in Nature, Tree of Life, Parts of Speech Hunt, and The Journey of a Grain of Sand.


  • An outdoor environment
  • Your imagination


Brain Activity: Explore the Eye’s Blind Spot with this activity! This post includes a super fun & engaging activity on Learning about the Eye.



Brain Activity: End the week with learning about the BRAIN!


Next Steps

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.