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Montessori Activity Plan for Toddlers & Preschoolers – Discovery Theme


One of the biggest requests from my readers is to create a week-by-week Montessori activity plan for the home. This post is the start of offering those plans.  Each week there will be a theme. The first week’s theme is Discovery.

Montessori Activity Plans for Home - Discovery Theme

Montessori Work Plan – Week 1 – Discovery


Discover a sitting spot outdoors. This spot will be the child’s spot for a lifetime! Encourage the child to “decorate” his sitting spot with his own natural art.

This spot will be for the child to reflect. Reflecting for kids this age means drawing and often talking. Feel free to transcribe their stories and ideas about their sitting spot.

If finding a spot outdoors is not ideal, allow the child to create a safe & peaceful place somewhere inside. This could be under a stairwell, under her bed, in a closet, or a nook in a play area.

Resources & Materials for this Activity


Discover a natural object in your sitting spot area. Observe, study it, and make notes of the textures, shapes, smells, and anything else that comes to your mind.

Take out your journal and sketch the object, write about it, and collect it within your journal’s pages.


Discover what life would be like if you were as small as an insect exploring, climbing, and living within the blades of grass and grains of sand. This activity is full of discovery. 

Grab a yard-long piece of ribbon or yarn, find an interesting place to lay it out, and get down as close as you can to the world beneath the yarn! 

Resources & Materials for this Activity

Read Thumbelina and go on a Thumbelina Walk.


Discover the world through your ears! Taking in the world through our senses is how we learn about the environment and how we develop our brains!

Resources & Materials for this Activity

Read one of my all-time favorite books called The Listening Walk and then go on your own Listening Walk.


Discover seeds. Seeds are seriously cool and kids love to explore and to examine seeds’ unique qualities. Dissecting various vegetables and fruit to reveal & observe in detail the seeds.

Resources & Materials for this Activity

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