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Garden Planner – A Perfect First Step in Gardening with Kids


Are you a parent with interest in gardening? If so, you’re in luck – garden planning is the perfect first step for gardening with kids!

Not only will it teach them about the process of growing plants, but it will also help to develop their creativity and organizational skills. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with your very own garden planner!

gardening with kids

Introducing gardening to kids can be an exciting and enriching experience.

So, how do we get kids excited about planning, creating, growing, and harvesting a garden?

Allow the child to discover the wonders at his own pace and in his own time. Let the child lead his own interest and development by observing and finding his hook.

Garden Planner – A Perfect First Step in Gardening with Kids

This gardening activity with kids – the garden planner for kids – is perfect for doing in the fall. Gardening does not happen overnight and should be integrated into learning all year round.

My Garden Planner – A Beginning Activity for Kids

Download this FREE garden printable for children to draw up and create their garden. Supply children with stickers, markers, crayons, seeds, natural plants, and so on. Allow children to use their imaginations to make their dream garden.

There is no right or wrong garden plan at this point. The goal is to hook the child.

gardening with kids scientist

Help a Child to Discover Gardening by Finding his Hook

Hook the child by observing and understanding his interests. You don’t want to push a child with little interest in gardening. You can customize the child’s path of discovery.

Every child brings a different passion and strength to the garden, which makes for a successful garden experience. Consider every child on his own accord and approach your teaching in that way.

12 Ideas for Hooking Kids onto Gardening

  • The Zoologist – match animal to favorite garden food
  • The Entomologist – study the good and bad bugs, or study spider webs
  • The Mathematician – seed counting, seed matching, and sprout measuring
  • The Artist – paint with plant brushes, sun prints, seed collages, petal collages
  • The Industrialist – build a small garden tool chest and focus on the gardening tools for kids
  • The Meteorologist – study the path of the sun
  • The Geologist – This soil activity is also a good one for kids.
  • The Engineer – build or design a garden bed
  • The Researcher – identify the native plants in your area
  • The Reader – check out these gardening books to ignite a child’s excitement about growing his own. These children’s books about seeds are lovely.
  • The Botanist – studies plants that work well placed near one another and plants placed apart. Study Parts of the Seed with real seed parts or Parts of the Flower with genuine flower parts.
  • The Historian – create a timeline of events such as time from seed planting to plant harvesting or study a historical figure such as Anna Comstock or Rachel Carson.

Gardening is great for the development of executive functioning skills. Encourage the children to take their garden plans to the next level by choosing seeds and watching sprouts grow. I look forward to sharing these ideas and posts with you. I hope you’ll share your progress with us!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.