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Don’t Miss this Super Fun Newton’s Laws for Kids’ Activity


Newton’s Laws for kids are spectacular. What is Newton’s Laws for Kids? Oh, you’re in for a treat! ‘Science seems almost too good to be true. Even for us adults. Science across the board is not only amazing but can be performed or observed easily and inexpensively. Remember when we learned about electricity? How about our friction experiment? Engaging kids in science seems straightforward, but what if you don’t ignite the sense of awe and wonder of the world?

What if your child has no desire to learn more? I thought about that a while back. If this obstacle sounds familiar check out a post I wrote on Ways to Help a Child with Science Thinking. Let me know what you think. In the meantime, learn about Newton’s Law of Motion for Kids’ Activity!

NEWTON'S LAWs of motion for kids

Newton’s Laws for Kids Must Try Activity

In the meantime, onto our Newton’s Laws of Motion (the 3rd law to be specific) experiment! Every month we receive Steve Spangler’s Science Club Kit. Steve’s Kit is superior full of amazing experiments, science learning for kids, and a Top Secret guide for parents and teachers. The experiments build (scaffolding) upon each other so kids really get the science. Extremely well done.

The Helicopter Balloon is one super fun way to introduce kids to more complex scientific ideas.

The kit we received includes three blades, a blade connector, a hub, and two balloons. A bit tricky for a younger child to put together but my 6.5-year-old was able to make it happen. The key is after the balloon is blown up, to pinch the balloon as you attach it to the hub, and wait for the amazing science.

Science Behind the Balloon Helicopter

The gas coming from the balloon forces the blades to rotate, the blades drive the air down to cause the helicopter to lift. Kids love this activity.

So, how can you make this activity happen for your child?

You can buy the Toysmith Balloon Helicopter kit on your own from Amazon or you can subscribe to Steve Spangler’s Science Club, which I highly recommend.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.