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10 Surefire Halloween Montessori Activities


“Mom, is it Halloween yet?” Seriously? We finished our Halloween Montessori Activities only the day before.

My five-year-old son asked me that question less than a week after the “holiday.” No joke.

Finding a child’s hook makes learning more effective and ridiculously fun for the child.  As autumn’s first major “holiday” approaches, it’s time to plan some fun and engaging Halloween Montessori activities.

These Montessori-inspired exercises will help kids learn while having a blast enjoying Halloween festivities.


10 Halloween Montessori Activities for Your Home & Classroom

#1 – Travel

Go to a farm where children can see freshly grown pumpkins. If they don’t grow in your area, think about taking the students on a field trip to a store that sells pumpkins.

#2 – Cook

Pumpkin seeds make a healthy snack. Season them with ginger, salt, and cinnamon. Involved the children in preparing the seeds for roasting.

A spider in it's web

#3 – Ask

Have kids match written numbers with the corresponding quantities of candy corn or an equivalent Halloween-themed item, such as these adorable mini spiders.

To make this activity more challenging, have the children transfer the object with chopsticks or tongs to work on fine motor skills.

#4 –  Tell

A light-hearted story involving witches, ghosts, or spiders goes a long way with the younger crowd. Kids always enjoy “Room on the Broom.”

Invite the children to illustrate and tell their own Halloween tale. Perhaps even act out a story, or allow them to change the tale as they see fit.

#5 –  Make

Halloween-themed necklaces are a super fun activity. Stringing is a classic Montessori activity that works fine motor skills and allows the child to be creative. Ideas for materials include orange-dyed pasta and orange and black beads.

You could supply black strings with attractive orange and yellow beads. Prep by cutting the strings and supplying bowls of items to string. Kids love giving these necklaces to parents.

#6 – Identify

Ask kids to find various parts of Halloween-oriented creatures or objects around the house, in a store, or even simply in a book. A few examples include skeletons, black cats, spiders, and bats. You could even explore spiders in their webs!

For example, identifying parts of a spider integrates zoology and language learning.

#7 – Count

Kids love counting spider legs or even spiders. Use these Halloween Math Cards and have the child match the appropriate number of gems to the number of spiders.

pumpkin pounding

#8 –  Pound

Grab some golf tees, a hammer, and a pumpkin for a great fine motor work activity!  into a pumpkin. This activity works hand-eye coordination, and kids enjoy using a hammer!  Check out this kid-sized hammer for your home and classroom.

#9 –  Carve & Decorate

Children can choose to paint pumpkins, glue gems onto the pumpkin, or cut into their pumpkins with this set of beginner carving tools. An alternative is to cut the paper into shapes and paste them onto the pumpkin’s surface.

scissor cutting examples

#10 – Cut

Work scissor cutting and fine motor skills with these Halloween-themed cutting strips.  Once a child masters these cutting strips, use coffee filters to create beautiful, unique spider webs to display on windows.

I hope you enjoyed this Montessori Halloween activity! Enjoy!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.