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Montessori March Activities for Preschoolers


This post includes March activities for preschoolers! You will find loads of ideas for your Montessori Shelves and resources for preschool themes for March.

As March approaches, it’s time to start thinking about updating the classroom space and activities for our preschoolers! This is an opportunity to make learning fun while also increasing student engagement.

Montessori-based activities are a great way to keep your students motivated and Involved as they work on mastering new skills. In this blog post, we will explore preschool March themes that you can use in your classroom.

These creative activities for March not only help with early education mastery but provide hands-on experiences that spark curiosity and engage children in playful exploration throughout the month of March.

March Themes for Preschool

March Themes Activities for Preschoolers

Large String Beading

This work is one of the most simple March activities for preschoolers. The beads in this image are from Spielgaben. I am not going to lie, these beads are beautiful.

There are other great, far less expensive, options for young children like these Melissa & Doug Beads. A simple work that kids seem to love, large bead stringing spans a wide age range.

For the large string beading lesson >>

March Activities for Preschoolers – Green and Gold Pom Pom Transfer

Pompom Transfers are a wonderful Practical Life Work.  It can be a simple hand transfer for the really little ones. Or you can adjust the size of the pom poms and add tongs or tweezers to add a bit of fine motor difficulty to the work. You can also integrate a color or size sorting element into the work.

March Crafts for Preschool – Clover Lacing Card

Fun and festive addition to your shelves and a perfect next work once a child has mastered large string beading. Lacing Cards are an easy DIY like this DIY Clover Card.

All you need is cardboard or cardstock cut out, a paper hole punch, and yarn or a lacing.

March Themes Activities for Preschoolers

March Themed Activity – Shamrock Montessori Math Numeration

Add this work to your bucket of March activities for kids! I created two Shamrock Math numeration and one-to-one correspondence works. One is a shamrock wheel with ten sections.

Each section has a certain number of shamrocks. The child’s job is to take mini clothespins or paperclips and match the number on the wedge in the circle. 

The next numeration work is a one to ten graph with and without shamrocks to help the child. 

For the St. Patrick’s Day Math download, please visit my store.

St. Patrick's Day Math

March Rainbow Math Cards

Another March-themed math activity to add to your bucket of March activities. I create cards with an outline of a pot. In each pot, I added a rainbow for each number through ten.

The children get a tray with a cup of Rainbow Erasers and a stack of pots with various numbers of a rainbow on them. The child’s job is to place the appropriate number of rainbow erasers onto the card. 

Learn about the Harp with Children

March – Study the Harp

An original and maybe my favorite within my bag of March activities for preschoolers I purchased this adorable Mini Harp Replica last year to use in a St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Circle. Children like this mini harp.

The only issue I had with the children & the harp is that they desperately wanted the harp to play music. Alas, this mini harp didn’t play music. I used the youtube video below to explain the parts of the harp and to introduce the sound of the harp.

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Be sure to check out Montessori themes throughout the whole year!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.