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Engage Your Child’s Curiosity with Our Montessori Preschool Monthly Themes


Do you want to help your children grow into healthy, autonomous learners? Engage their natural curiosity and provide them with exciting learning opportunities with our Montessori preschool monthly themes! Our themes offer a fun way to teach a variety of concepts from astronomy to zoology.

Not only will your child learn about the world around them in an interactive environment, they’ll also gain newfound independence as they explore each month’s new theme through hands-on activities and creative projects. So if you’re looking for an innovative approach to building your child’s knowledge base, then look no further than these amazing Montessori preschool monthly themes!

If you’re a Montessori preschool teacher or homeschooler, it can be challenging to come up with new and engaging themes for your students every month. That’s why we want to help!

Here are our favorite themes for each month of the year – from lesson plans made specifically for young minds in the spring and summer months to hands-on activities that encourage multi-sensory learning in the fall and winter seasons.

We hope these ideas will inspire your creativity, make teaching more enjoyable, and provide endless opportunities to engage with those curious little learners!

This page includes Montessori preschool themes by month for preschoolers, including Montessori Activities by Season and Montessori Activities by Holiday. I hope this content helps you create excellent Montessori Monthly Lesson Plans!

I aim to add to this monthly content so that you have dozens of Montessori theme ideas for each month of the year!

Montessori Monthly Themes for Preschool

Montessori Month-by-Month Curriculum

The child’s development follows a path of successive stages of independence, and our knowledge of this must guide us in our behaviour towards him. We have to help the child to act, will and think for himself. This is the art of serving the spirit, an art which can be practised to perfection only when working among children.

Dr. Maria Montessori

What are Good Themes for January?

January is the perfect time for preschoolers to delve into different themes and develop their skills! With winter in full swing, preschool classrooms may explore a variety of winter- and nature-related topics.

January Themes for Preschool

Themed activities such as building snowmen out of cotton balls, making hats with paper plates, sequencing pictures of cold-weather animals, and creating constellations and snowflakes with tissue paper can all spark imagination while also teaching visual art techniques.

And, if the weather cooperates, preschoolers can take part in field trips outside to look for animal tracks or build igloos out of the snow. Not to be forgotten is the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day – preschoolers can listen to books about Dr. King’s legacy or participate in a symbolic gesture such as writing kind words for classmates posted on a “dream wall” bulletin board.

What fun January preschool themes will you explore next?

What do you teach preschoolers in February?

February preschool themes are plentiful! This month is a great time for preschool teachers to use fun, age-appropriate activities related to holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, President’s Day and Groundhog Day. February is also National Heart Month and Black History Month.

February Activity Ideas

  • Emotions/Feelings
  • Family
  • Friendship
  • Kindness

There are also theme ideas like friendship, dental health, plant life cycles, and weather. Through these preschool themes, creative activities can be used to introduce preschoolers to the season and its special moments while they build their knowledge with educational materials.

Whether learning through play, listening to stories, or engaging in hands-on projects preschool teachers can find inspiration from February’s preschool themes.

March Preschool Themes

March preschool themes can be exciting and engaging, no matter what the school year looks like. Whether learning in a classroom or virtually at home, preschoolers are eager to explore a variety of topics. March brings St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of Spring learning and excitement!

March preschool themes often take advantage of the fun, brightly colored spring season by incorporating ideas such as rainbows, flowers, butterflies, and seeds. In addition to art projects that explore those nature-based topics, preschoolers can expand their knowledge when teachers use this season as an opportunity to further explore science and math concepts related to growth.

On days when the weather is nice, preschoolers may even get to go outside and observe the new signs of spring firsthand. Bring math learning outside by gathering dandelions for counting activities or rain boots for jumping in puddles to round out some classic preschool March experiences.

What do you teach preschool in April?

April preschool themes are an important part of the preschool curriculum. An April preschool theme helps kids learn about the world around them in fun and engaging ways. For example, elementary students can explore weather-based topics such as thunderstorms, rainbows, and April showers.

Students can study plants and animals that bloom during the month such as tulips and butterflies or even celebrate Earth Day with activities centered on reducing waste, conserving resources, and protecting wildlife habitats. With so many exciting preschool themes to explore in April, teachers have plenty of great ideas to inspire their classrooms!

Preschool Themes for April

What are fun preschool themes for May?

May is known as the month of blossoming blooms, so preschool teachers around the world can use this to their advantage when deciding on preschool themes for the month. Flower-themed activities such as making paper flowers or planting a garden are fun and provide preschoolers with an opportunity to learn about nature and its beauty.

May is also a great month to explore insects, linking them to topics like pollination and lifecycles that teach preschoolers about science in a hands-on way. Finally, when celebrating International Day of Families, preschoolers can create family trees or work together in groups on special projects that promote family values. May provides preschool themes teeming with learning opportunities for children of all ages!

May Preschool Activity Ideas

June Activities for Preschoolers

For preschool teachers and parents looking for preschool themes for their kids in the month of June, there is no lack of options. From a Park Day to safari to ocean explorations, preschool classes can get creative with activities that explore new and exciting topics.

This month could be an opportunity to dive into the life of the firefighter, or even practice the art of hula! There are so many ways to get preschoolers engaged while they learn in a fun way with preschool themes focused on everyday objects or events.

With just a bit of imaginative thought, preschoolers can understand how learning new material can be both exciting and educational.

June Preschool Activity Ideas

Montessori July Ideas for Preschool

What do you teach preschoolers during the summer? Well, the possibilities are endless! July preschool themes can offer young children a special way to explore the summer season.

Whether preschool teachers are looking for fun beach-themed activities or creative ideas to celebrate the Fourth of July, there are plenty of preschool themes perfect for July.

Kids can participate in red-white-and-blue crafts that also teach foundational math and science concepts, while also learning about historical figures who have made a difference in the United States.

Plus, with so many crafty possibilities, preschoolers can have fun making decorations to show their patriotic spirit. With such an accessible variety of preschool themes to choose from throughout the month of July, children’s minds can be challenged and imaginations ignited.

How Do You Teach Kids about the 4th of July?

When teaching preschoolers about the 4th of July, parents can start by introducing important facts and concepts related to holidays such as the symbolism of the American flag and what it represents. It can also be helpful to talk with kids about their own feelings and thoughts associated with this special occasion.

Additionally, activities focused on history and patriotism can be fun and engaging ways for preschoolers to connect with the meaning behind Independence Day. Reading stories about the significance of and honoring America’s history, learning patriotic songs, making flags, or helping plan a backyard barbecue all offer meaningful experiences.

With these activities, preschoolers are sure to cherish them as their understanding of America’s birthday grows each year.

August Themes for Preschoolers

August preschool themes provide the perfect opportunity for teachers and parents to get their children learning in a fun, interactive way. Learning activities inspired by preschool themes can help preschoolers develop a variety of important skills, ranging from language and social-emotional development to numerical and science competencies.

Popular August preschool themes include nature exploration, bugs, transportation, community helpers, music, and dance. With the creative use of these preschool themes, learning can come alive in an exciting and fun way!

What are August themes for preschoolers?

September Preschool Themes

September is a great time for preschool themes! With the changing of the season, preschoolers will delight in exploring their surroundings and discovering new sights, sounds, and colors. It’s also a fun time to revisit classic preschool favorites like animals, colors, transportation, or shapes.

Whether you’re teaching preschoolers indoors or outdoors, there are a wealth of opportunities to use age-appropriate materials to cover preschool themes throughout September. From art projects that celebrate fall fruits and vegetables to storytelling experiences that explore what makes autumn unique, preschool teachers can find plenty of ways to spark curiosity and introduce preschoolers to a variety of concepts.

A well-thought-out preschool curriculum that incorporates September themes will create an enjoyable learning experience for children this fall.

What to Teach Preschoolers in October?

October preschool themes can provide an exciting opportunity for teachers and children alike to explore the changing season. Each theme gives young learners plenty of opportunities to investigate all sorts of topics from the world around them.

From fall harvest celebrations to iconic characters such as witches and wizards, October preschool themes offer hours of exploration and learning fun. Simple crafts like Halloween masks and costumes themed art activities and even tasty treats help create connections between preschoolers’ world today and the world around them during this time of year.

Exploring nature hikes in search of fall leaves and other seasonal signs is another way preschoolers can get into the spirit of these monthly preschool themes. Not only are these preschool activities filled with educational benefits, but they are also lots of fun!

Preschool October Themed Activities

November Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

November preschool themes are a great way to engage kids during an exciting time of the year. Themed activities can be as simple or complex as you like, and contain elements of literature, art, music, science, and other subject areas.

For example, preschoolers enjoying fall can explore topics such as autumn colors, leaf-themed crafts, seed dispersal, and preschool Thanksgiving. Kids can learn more about their world through themed activities that involve their senses in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you’re looking for a preschool lesson plan or just want some fun activities for preschoolers this November, these preschool themes will help your preschoolers explore the exciting season in no time!

December Themes for Montessori Preschool

December preschool themes can be a great way to make learning fun and engaging for young children. Consider incorporating themes like winter and holiday celebrations, counting down the days until Santa arrives, charades, or participating in gift exchanges.

Each theme provides creative activities that accommodate different learning styles while teaching preschoolers basic lessons such as counting, sequencing, taking turns, and more. It’s important to keep preschool students engaged so they remain curious about learning activities throughout the year.

Engaging preschool themes are a great way to achieve this without overwhelming them with long lessons.

December Ideas for Preschoolers

Montessori Preschool-Themed Activities

It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it.

John Burroughs, Winter Sunshine

Winter Preschool Themes

Montessori New Years Activities

Montessori Martin Luther King Jr. Activities

Montessori Valentine’s Day Activities

Montessori St. Patrick’s  Day Activities

Montessori Earth Day Activities

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of each.

Henry David Thoreau
Nature Quote by Charles Dickens

Montessori Spring-Themed Activities

Montessori Mother’s Day-themed Activities

Montessori Memorial Day Themed Activities

Montessori Father’s Day-themed Activities

Montessori Summer-Themed Activities

Montessori July-4th Themed Activities

Montessori Fall-Themed Activities

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